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Amber Alert Issued for 5-Year-Old Boy Abducted By His Father After He Stabbed His Mother

An Amber Alert has been issued in Washington State for a 5-year-old boy who police say was abducted by his father after stabbing his mother.

Illinois Teen Stabbed to Death During Fight Provoked By “Anonymous” Facebook Game Profoundly

19-year-old Charee Alexander of Peoria, Illinois is dead after she was stabbed in the neck during a fight that was reportedly provoked by a new "anonymous" Facebook game called Profoundly.

VIDEO: One Person Stabbed, Multiple People Injured in Stampede at Nipsey Hussle Memorial in Los Angeles

It's being reported that at least one person was stabbed and multiple people were injured late Monday night (Apr. 1) in a stampede at a vigil held for Nipsey Hussle near the rapper's The Marathon clothing store where he was shot and killed Sunday afternoon.

Britney Allgood: Fast Facts About Memphis Teen Fatally Stabbed During Fight

A homicide investigation is underway in Memphis following an incident in which a teen was stabbed to death while fighting another girl around her age this week. Here's what you need to know about Bianca Allgood and the stabbing incident that took her life.

Cell Phone Video Shows Moment Memphis Teen Britney Allgood Was Stabbed to Death

Video footage showing the moment a Memphis teen was fatally stabbed has gone viral on social media.

Lesandro Guzman-Feliz: Shocking Video Shows NYC Teen Dragged Out of Store & Stabbed to Death in Plain Sight

According to reports, Lesandro Guzman-Feliz was stabbed multiple times with a machete after getting into an argument with a group of men in a bodega near his home in the Bronx Wednesday night (Jun. 20). Surveillance video footage from outside the store released to the public shows the moment the horrific scene unfolds.

Georgia Mother Accused of Stabbing Her Husband & 4 Kids to Death

A man and four children were found stabbed to death in a home near Atlanta, Georgia Thursday morning (Jul. 6), and police are saying the mother/wife did it.

T-Pain’s 23-Year-Old Niece Stabbed to Death, Rapper Asks for Information About Murder via Social Media

Another celebrity has suffered the tragic loss of a loved one. T-Pain’s niece, Javona Glover, was fatally stabbed outside a Tallahassee Walgreens earlier today...

Gangster Rapper “Rambo” Stabbed Teen Brothers to Death, Burned Their Bodies

A Louisville community is mourning the lives of two teen brothers after they were brutally murdered by a family friend. The bodies of 14-year-old Larry...

Man Who Cut Off His Own Penis and Stabbed His Mom While on “Meow Mow” Drug Jailed for 16 Months

In December 2013, a UK man used a pair of scissors to chop his own penis off and stab his mom 11 times, all...

D.C. Teen Fatally Stabbed at Cookout Over a Piece of Chicken

This story is like a racist's wet dream: Black people killing each other over chicken. Yes, sadly, a teenage boy was killed in Southeast...

Watch Your Ass: New York Man Randomly Stabbed in the Butt 5 Times by Stranger

It's a mad, mad, mad world out there, folks. A New York man, who also happens to be a father of three, was randomly...

6-Year-Old, Stabbed Multiple Times in Her Sleep, Tells Police: “Mommy Tried To Kill Me”

A Wisconsin mother is facing attempted homicide charges after she reportedly tried to kill her 6-year-old daughter by stabbing her repeatedly in her sleep. According...

5-Year-Old Boy Arrested After He Stabbed Family Members Over Juice Box [VIDEO]

Kid don't be playing these days about their juice.... A 5 year-old boy is in police custody after stabbing three of his family members following...

High School Teacher Stabs Fellow Teacher 16 Times With Screwdriver During the School Day

It's one thing to witness two students getting into a bloody gruesome brawl......but when it's two teachers, it really makes us all fear for...

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