It’s one thing to witness two students getting into a bloody gruesome brawl……but when it’s two teachers, it really makes us all fear for our lives.

English teacher Ronette Ricketts (pictured here) is facing some serious charges after stabbing another teacher with a screw driver multiple times. And it all went down right in the middle of school while students were in the building!

A high school English teacher is accused of violently stabbing a fellow teacher with a screwdriver on Thursday after a disagreement over a meeting, sending her to the hospital and causing a brief lockdown at the school.

Police said Cynthia Glozier, 54, also an English teacher at Poughkeepsie High School, was stabbed 16 times by Ronette Ricketts, 40. She was stabbed 11 times in the back and then several more times in the head, chest, shoulder and neck, police said.

54-year-old Cynthia Glozier was stabbed 16 times all over her body with a screwdriver by a fellow teacher following a disagreement over a meeting.

School officials said the injured teacher was being treated at St. Francis Hospital and that police were investigating the fight.

Police said Ricketts became enraged with Glozier after they argued about a department meeting.

After the stabbing, student Ryan Morris said there was “blood all over the floor.”

Ricketts is in custody; it was not clear if she had an attorney.

Officials locked down the school from about 10 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

“No students were involved in the incident and no students were harmed,” the school said in a statement.

After the lockdown, the school continued classes Thursday.


This is extremely sad! It’s bad enough all these teachers are sexing their students these days … and now they’re stabbing each other?!?

We don’t even wanna know what’s next….SDMH!

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