This story is like a racist’s wet dream: Black people killing each other over chicken. Yes, sadly, a teenage boy was killed in Southeast D.C. at a cookout over some bird. Seriously. That happened.

Ernest Hart was at a family cookout when the 17-year-old got into a fight with Antonio Shaw, 25, over some damn chicken. Shaw reportedly stabbed Hart in the neck. He then fell to the ground as blood dripped down his neck. He was subsequently rushed to the emergency room where he died.

Shaw was said to be a family friend, though clearly not that great a one as presumed. He has since been arrested and charged with second degree murder.

Of all the reasons to die, I’d hate for my write up to be, “Yeah, some jackass killed me over a piece of chicken. The big piece.” Like, what the hell is wrong with people? How hungry and hateful does one have to be to strip someone of their life over some meat?

Make it stop.

[NBC Washington]

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