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Paul McCartney Says He & John Lennon Got Bored One Night & Masturbated Together With Friends

In a new interview with GQ, McCartney was talking about the early days of The Beatles when he revealed that he and Lennon got hella bored one night and masturbated together along with some friends

Did O.J. Simpson Get Caught Masturbating in Prison?

The disgraced football star is rumored to have been caught choking the chicken in federal prison.

San Diego Chargers’ Masturbating Security Guard Under Criminal Investigation

A video posted on Facebook showing a stadium security guard masturbating near cheerleaders has gone viral. Click to watch at your own discretion.

College Student High on Molly Stole Ambulance & Masturbated in Police Station

18-year-old Colorado State student Stefan Sortland was expressionless when he posed for this mugshot after he was arrested on charges of aggravated vehicle theft,...

NFL Player Kellen Winslow Jr. Caught Masturbating in Target Parking Lot Before Drug Arrest?

Professional football player Kellen Winslow Jr. was arrested for drug possession in a Target parking lot last November, but according to a recently released...

Kentucky Man Arrested for Breaking Into Firehouse & Masturbating on Firemen’s Gear, and He Just So Happens to Do Gay Porn Too

Police in Kentucky arrested a man last week after he broke into a firehouse and was caught masturbating on the gear owned by the...

50 Cent’s Four-Step Plan For A Masturbation-Free Life

Hey, you there. Are you yearning for a clean and pure life, free of masturbation and the filthy desires associated with it? Well, fortunately ......

Man Busted On Plane For Masturbating Next To Teenage Girl!

Oh, no he didn't..... A Florida man was recently arrested after being caught jerking off on a plane. (Guess he couldn't wait til they landed) Read...

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