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Justin Bieber Denies Rape Allegations With Actual Receipts, Calls Story “Factually Impossible” & Says “There Is No Truth” to It

After "Baby Driver" star Ansel Elgort was accused of sexual assault, at least three women have come forward with similar claims against Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber Congratulates Roddy Ricch After “The Box” Beats “Yummy” to #1 on Billboard Hot 100

Justin Bieber took to Twitter to congratulate Roddy Ricch on his first No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 single.

No, Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Don’t Have Head Lice Together

A viral tweet claiming that Hailey Baldwin said that she and Justin Bieber both had lice and she said it was "romantic that we have it at the same time" is totally fake.

Viral Photo of Justin Bieber Eating Burrito Sideways Was Staged

Remember last week when we called Justin Bieber out for being an MFin monster because he was pictured taking a bite out of a burrito from the side? Well, it turns out, the man in the viral photo was NOT Justin Bieber after all. The whole thing was a viral prank!

Why Does Justin Bieber Think It’s OK to Eat a Burrito Like This?!

Does Justin Bieber know how to eat a burrito? Apparently, the f**k not.

Justin Bieber “Is Not Over” Selena Gomez Despite Being Married to Hailey Baldwin, Says Source

Even though he's a married man, Justin Bieber is still madly in love with his ex Selena Gomez. Or at least that's what a "source" is telling People magazine.

Fix It, Jesus: Justin Bieber Got a Cross Tattoo on His Face Like Lil Wayne

Are face tattoos the first sign of a serious mental breakdown? If so, y'all might want to keep an eye on Justin Bieber.

Odell Beckham Jr. Parties With Justin Bieber & Trey Songz in Miami Until the Early Morning, Gets Real Close With Bieber

Forget about New Year’s Eve, the real party took place on New Year’s Day in Miami. Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz were spotted partying all night (and morning) long in Miami with several celebrities, including Justin Bieber.

Pokémon Go(es) Hollywood: A Look At the Celebrity Trainers

As big as Pokémon Go has become, it’s no surprise that the Hollywood and sports elite have joined in on the action. From Justin...

Justin Bieber Parties With Kourtney Kardashian and Has Existential Hangover

Celebrity makes for strange bedfellows and equally strange behavior as Justin Bieber proved over the July 4th weekend. Bieber, in Miami for his Purpose World...

Lamont Richmond, Cleveland Man Who Fought Justin Bieber, Says the Biebs Started It

The guy who got into a street brawl with Justin Bieber last night is reportedly a 6'5" Cleveland man named Lamont Richmond. After footage of...

Justin Bieber Got Into a Real, Live Fist Fight With Another Man in Cleveland

Just like the Golden State Warriors, Justin Bieber took an "L" in Cleveland on Wednesday night (Jun 8). For reasons unknown, the Biebs got into...

Justin Bieber Performs “Company” and “Sorry” at the 2016 Billboard Awards

Justin Bieber took a short break from touring to attend the 2016 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, and while there, the 22-year-old pop...

Is Justin Bieber Losing His Mind? Pop Star Spotted Wandering Around the Park Barefoot & Feeding Squirrels

Y'all, can we call an emergency intervention to save Justin Bieber before he goes Britney-2009 crazy and shaves his head in a gas station...

Are Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber Keeping Each Other Company?

Leave it to Bieber to get roped into the Kardashian clan. The pop star, who has recently turned to wearing dreadlocks of late, was spotted hanging...

Yes, Post Malone Choked Justin Bieber, But It’s All Fun and Games

Justin Bieber and Post Malone have the weirdest friendship ever. Malone is currently an opening act on Bieber's "Purpose" Tour, and apparently, he's also one...

Watch Justin Bieber’s 2016 Grammys Performance (ft. Skrillex & Diplo): “Love Yourself” and “Where Are Ü Now”

Last night will always be one to remember for Justin Bieber. After receiving his very first Grammy Award ever (for Best Dance Recording), Justin took...

Justin Bieber Knows He Looks Ridiculous Wearing Corn Rows

Celebrity hairstyles come and go like the seasons and Justin Bieber is no stranger when it comes to constantly switching up his 'do. From the...

Kourtney Kardashian Spotted Leaving Justin Bieber’s Hotel Room at 4 a.m.

Thanks to Scott Disick ... Justin Bieber is putting his young swag sauce all over Kourtney Kardashian. This past weekend, Kourtney was spotted getting cozy...

Anger UNmanagement: Celebs Who Throw Dramatic Temper Tantrums

Why so angry? Whether they're verbally assaulting others or throwing little hissy fits because they can't have their way, these celebs definitely have some serious...

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