A viral tweet claiming that Hailey Baldwin said that she and Justin Bieber both had lice and she said it was “romantic that we have it at the same time” is totally fake.

It all started when a Twitter account disguising themselves as the popular celebrity news account Pop Crave tweeted this:

As you can see, the tweet racked up thousands of retweets and likes. The celebrity gossip blog Hollywood Unlocked even picked it up as a legitimate news story.

And Twitter had a field day with the fake news:

Thankfully, some Twitter users were smart enough to figure out the tweet wasn’t real and pointed out that the Twitter handle was NOT Pop Crave’s official account.

And here’s the original tweet after they changed their name and profile photo back:

The original tweeter has since apologized to Justin and Hailey for making the world think that they were romanticizing shared head lice:

And there you have it folks. You can’t just be out here believing EVERYTHING you read/see on the internet … even if it does sound somewhat plausible.

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