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Andrew Caldwell Released From Jail, Says He Was Hit With 5 Felonies “But Jesus Dropped the Charges!”

Andrew Caldwell is a free man ... thanks to Jesus, who he says "dropped the charges."

Mugshot Madness: Andrew “Delivert” Caldwell Arrested in St. Louis, Held Without Bond

Five years ago, Andrew Caldwell became famous for (allegedly) being "delivert" from homosexuality. Now he needs to be "delivert" from jail!

YouTuber Shane Dawson Denies Having Sex With His Cat, Videos Show Him Getting Intimate With Dogs

Shane Dawson said he never had sex with his cat, but what about these videos of him making out with dogs?

“Mooo!” Star Doja Cat Under Fire for Offensive Apology for Homophobic Tweets

Doja has now come under fire for some tweets using homophobic language that someone pulled from the depths of Twitter and brought to the surface, and her apology, using that same homophobic language, did not go over well on social media.

Queen Naija Is Pregnant With “Friend” Clarence’s Baby 4 Months After Divorcing Chris Sails

Popular YouTube personality Queen Naija just surprised her fans with big news on her latest video. She's having a baby with her "friend" Clarence and she just got divorced four months ago.

Rapper Boonk Gang Shot Twice Weeks After His Instagram Was Shut Down Over NSFW Videos

Boonk Gang showed off a disturbing image on Snapchat Friday afternoon (Jul. 28) of him lying in a hospital bed before revealing in subsequent Snaps that he "got shot twice." One of the Snaps showed one of his gunshot wounds—a pretty big hole in his leg.

Zachary “ZackTV” Stoner: Fast Facts About Chicago YouTube Vlogger Killed in Drive-By Shooting

Popular YouTube vlogger Zachary "ZackTV" Stoner, known for showcasing and interviewing up and coming Chicago rappers and other popular figures in the area, was shot and killed early Wednesday morning (May 30).

Young King Dave Funeral & Burial Info: When Will YDK Be Laid to Rest?

Is Young King Dave having a funeral or memorial service? When and where will he be buried? Find out here.

Young King Dave Cause of Death: How Did the “I Got Loud” Guy Die?

While Young King Dave's official cause of death hasn't been revealed, according to his manager and childhood friend Chris Clemenza, he had been hospitalized for the past few weeks after suffering from a collapsed lung. Clemenza said YKD "died from complications during recovery."

Young King Dave, the Internet’s Most Famous Stoner, Dead at 19

Young King Dave, best known as one of the internet's most famous stoners, died Thursday (May 17) at the young age of 19 years old.

“What Color Is This Dress?”: The Great Debate That Divided The Internet

If you are alive and breathing today (and haven't been living under a rock for the past week or so), you've probably certainly heard about the...

The Funniest “I Am DELIVERT!” Memes, Tweets & Parodies

The video of a gay man shouting "I'm not gay no more. I am DELIVERT! I don't like mens no more!"  at a COGIC...

Chef Auntie Fee Wants Oprah To Help Her Out

Auntie Fee is getting famous! The foul-mouthed viral chef's newly launched YouTube channel features several videos of her showing off her resourceful cooking skills, like...

Watch: Ice JJ Fish & TerRio Have an Epicly Awkward Dance Battle

It really gets no better than this... By now we're pretty sure anyone who has spent any amount of time on the Internet has heard...

Spooky Black Has the Voice of An Angel and An Equally Impressive Durag Collection

Spooky Black isn't your average R&B singer. When you hear the name "Spooky Black," the first thing that probably comes to mind is some ratchet...

Ice JJ Fish Sings the Worst Cover of Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” You’ll Ever Hear

Daniel McLoyd aka "Ice JJ Fish" is still in his bedroom, murdering more hits, you guys. Out of all songs to screw up, the overnight...

Internet Sensation Ice JJ Fish Scores First Radio Interview with “Hollywood N Da Morning”

From the Internet to the radio! Ice JJ Fish is out here making major moves y'all. The rising YouTube sensation who has taken the Internet...

The Best of Daniel McLoyd aka Ice JJ Fish’s Worst YouTube Videos

Daniel Mcloyd is the R&B version of 50 Tyson! Like many before his time, the YouTube sensation (who goes by the name Ice JJ Fish)...

Internet Legend TerRio Sits Front-Row at Miami Heat Game, Hangs Out with Dwyane Wade & LeBron James Afterward

We've all heard the phrase "Ooh Kill 'Em!" and most of us know who "cousin TerRio" is by now. Even the Miami Heat! Back in...

Move Over, Sweet Brown! Charles Ramsey Is the New Antoine Dodson

Are you ready, world? Another viral video star has been born from the ashes of the black, impoverished and unpolished side of America. Charles Ramsey...

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