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Wannabe Instagram Star Stabbed Her Mom & Cut Her Heart Out While She Was Still Alive, Then Showered & Went Out on a Date With Her Boyfriend

Police said 21-year-old Anna Leikovic from the European country of Moldova used a kitchen knife in the barbaric attack, which saw her not only cutting out her mother's heart, but also her lungs and intestines, all while she was still breathing.

Boosie Shares Disturbing Video of Him Molesting a Mannequin at a Clothing Store

Boosie posted a video on Instagram of him at a clothing store molesting a mannequin by rubbing on its "private" area. He can also be heard in the background saying: "that a**hole."

Ex-Roommate Made Mom Watch Him Stab & Decapitate Her Children to “Punish” Her for Not Having Any Money or Valuables to Steal

Horrific new details of a triple homicide involving a young Arkansas mother and her two children have emerged, including how one of their attackers forced the woman to watch as he slaughtered her children in front of her before stabbing her to death.

Brenton Tarrant, New Zealand Mosque Shooter, Streamed Attack on Facebook Live

A man named Brenton Tarrant used Facebook Live to record himself as he shot up a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Authorities Investigating Facebook Live Video Appearing to Show Woman Being Drugged & Raped at Nightclub in Atlanta

The video shows the woman, identified as Jasmine Eiland through her Facebook account, dancing with a bearded man. Not too long afterward, the man (allegedly) started raping her as she yells "STOP" and begs for help.

Texas Daycare Workers Fired Over Disturbing Video Showing One of Them Yanking Black Girl By Her Hair

Disturbing video footage showing a daycare worker in Texas yanking a black girl by her hair has gone viral on social media, and the two women involved have been fired.

“It’s Like Stockholm Syndrome”: Woman in Sexual Relationship With R. Kelly Confirms Disturbing Sex Cult Details

Days after several parents and former friends of R. Kelly claimed he was keeping young women in a "sex cult" on two of his rental properties, another woman has come forward to claim the singer is "very controlling and manipulative."

WATCH: Elderly Man Shot Dead in Cleveland, Ohio on Facebook Live (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Police have confirmed that a disturbing video posted on Facebook Live showing an elderly black man being shot and killed in Cleveland, Ohio is real.

Oliver Funes Machado: Things to Know About Teen Who Decapitated His Own Mother

A North Carolina teen has been arrested for murdering and decapitating his own mother. Here are some things to know about 18-year-old Oliver Funes Machado and the brutal murder.

Watch: Three Young White Girls Drop N-Word While Rapping Offbeat

A video getting around the Internet of three young white girls freestyling extremely offbeat and using the N-word will most likely piss you off...

Disturbing Video Shows Mother Beaten By Hoodrat While Laying in Bed With Her Baby

A West Memphis woman is making news after she brutally beat up a 23-year-old mother laying in bed next to her 11-month-old baby. Shatarvara Smith...

Disturbing Photos & Video Footage Show Mike Brown’s Body Lying in the Street

Images showing the moments immediately after the senseless shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown have been passed around on social media, and they are...

Watch Mos Def Being Force Fed to Protest of Disturbing Guantanamo Bay Procedure

The artist formally known as Mos Def has filmed a very hard to watch clip -- intentionally so -- in order to protest the...

Disturbing Video: Dad Beats the Crap Out Of His Daughters After He Catches Them “Twerking”

Yet another disturbing video has gone viral on the Internet. This one shows a father beating the brakes off his daughters after he found...

Son Who Murdered His Mother & Chopped Her Body Up Poses with Her Severed Head in Disturbing Photo

A 23-year-old man from New York City who stabbed his mother to death, cut her body into pieces and then stuffed them in a...

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s “I Think You Might Like It” Video Is Oddly Disturbing

Are you ready for your daily dose of creepy and weird? Then tune in the oddball song stylings of John Travola and Olivia Newton-John's...

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson Get Freaky in the Snow [PHOTOS]

Even freezing cold weather can't stop Courtney Stodden from dressing like a street hooker. (SMDH!) The 17-year-old bride, who is famous for wearing skimpy outfits...

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