Images showing the moments immediately after the senseless shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown have been passed around on social media, and they are very disturbing to say the least.

19-year-old Michael “Mike” Brown was unarmed when he was shot several times by officer Darren Wilson in the middle of a street in Ferguson, Missouri, a predominately black suburb with a population of about 21,000 outside St. Louis.

An aspiring rapper from the small town who goes by the name “Thee Pharoah” was home last Saturday afternoon when he looked out the window and saw a cop shoot the young man to death.

Pharoah immediately took to social media and proceeded to live tweet the shooting and its terrible aftermath

One of his tweets included a graphic photo of Brown’s lifeless body lying in the street with an officer standing over him, and it wasn’t long before the young man’s name “Mike Brown” ended up on the worldwide trending topics list on Twitter.

According to Thee Pharoah’s timeline of the shooting, the first bullets struck the 18-year-old just after 12 noon local time Saturday.

He tweeted that he heard a total of seven shots, two of which were fired at Brown’s back and the other five came as a “barrage” after the teen turned around.

Asked by a user why the officer shot the man, Pharoah replied that there was “no reason” and the young man was “running” as he was shot in cold blood.

Several hours after the shooting, Pharoah tweeted that Michael Brown’s body was still lying in the street.

The following Sunday, Thee Pharoah said that he would no longer be tweeting about the shooting, and since his newfound fame (his tweets have been picked up by a number of huge sites, including Mashable, The Verge, GawkerThe Telegraph, The Los Angeles Times, etc.), his friends have been advising him to hire a lawyer and “lay low.”

Since the shooting, Pharoah has been writing about the protests in Ferguson and all over the country, while also re-tweeting news items about the incident and its consequences.

On Thursday, he told reporters to refrain from asking him questions about what he witnessed, tweeting, “I will tell you I know nothing.”

Over the weekend, CNN aired startling video captured near the scene of the shooting that shows Brown lying dead in the street as a crowd of people — including his own family, reportedly — look on.

“That’s fucked up man… It’s too early in the day,” a man off camera is heard saying. He’s then heard describing what happened to another person off camera.

“Police killed the dude. They said he had his hands up and everything,” he said. “They still shot him; he fell on the ground, they stood over him and shot him some more. They’ve just got him laying in the street dead as a motherfucker.”


via: Daily Mail, CNN

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