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Viral Video Shows Wendy’s Employee Bathing in Kitchen Sink, Restaurant Still Passes Inspection

State inspectors made an emergency visit to the Milton, Florida restaurant after being made aware of the incident ... and it still passed inspection!

Hit of the Summer: Wendy’s Pretzel Love Song “Let It Live”

Did we have a "hit of the summer" this year? If not, we would like to personally nominate Wendy's love song dedicated to their Pretzel...

Wendy’s Customer Finds Half-Smoked Weed Blunt in Burger

A Wendy's employee was recently arrested and fired from her job for leaving a half-smoked weed blunt in a customer's cheeseburger. 32 year-old Amy Seiber...

Wendy’s Drive-Thru Worker Arrested for Selling Kiddie Porn to Customers

When fast-food workers ask customers if they'd "like fries with that?" they're usually talking about a burger or chicken sandwich. Not child pornography. However, Juan...

Horrible Parents of the Day: Husband and Wife Fall Asleep at Wendy’s While their 5-Year-Old Daughter Wanders Around the Restaurant

Now this is what we call "parent of the year" material....(Feel the sarcasm in our words) A married couple recently fell asleep at a table...

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