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Laquanashaneachia Leach Wanted for Assaulting Officer After Getting Caught Stealing at Ulta Beauty

A Tennessee woman with a very unique name is wanted by Smyrna police for assaulting an officer and a bystander after she was caught stealing at an Ulta Beauty location.

Florida Man Used Kool-Aid Packets to Pay $24 for Almost $1,000 Worth of Merchandise at Walmart

A Florida man, who is also a convicted felon out of Ohio, was arrested after police said he used Kool-Aid packets to ring up almost $1,000 worth of merchandise in the self-checkout lane at a Walmart in North Naples.

Woman Accidentally Gave Handyman $21,000 Check, He “Thanked the Lord” & Deposited the Money

Berklee Holm—a 67-year-old handyman in St. George, Utah—was arrested earlier this month after he allegedly deposited a check that was accidentally written for $21,000 into his bank account.

North Carolina Police Find 18,000 Pounds of Toilet Paper in Stolen 18-Wheeler Truck

While Americans are having trouble finding toilet paper in retail stores, police in North Carolina came across nearly 18,000 pounds of commercial bathroom paper products inside a stolen 18-wheeler truck on Wednesday (Mar. 18).

South Carolina Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Stealing Cigarettes

Michael Lamont Jones, a South Carolina man who stole thousands of dollars worth of cigarettes from the same gas station twice in one week, will spend the next 15 years in prison after pleading guilty in court Wednesday (May 8).

Hairdresser Confronts Foxy Brown Over Stolen $900 Weave: “Give Me My Money, Foxy Brown!”

As I sit at my desk, body rolling to Foxy Brown and Total's, "I Can't," all I can do is say the same about...

Man Says His Penis Was Stolen While He Was Sleeping

Foreign media outlets are reporting on a bizarre story out of China, in which a man's penis was "stolen," while he slept. Wait ... what? According...

Burglar Killed After Falling Down the Stairs

Now this is something you don't hear every day -- A burglar was killed after he fell down a flight of stairs in the...

Kim Kardashian Accuses British Airways of Stealing “Sentimental Items” from Her Luggage

Kim Kardashian is NOT happy. The reality star is accusing UK airline British Airways of opening her luggage, and stealing her personal items while she...

Fat, Naked Man Arrested After He Was Caught on Camera Stealing Socks from Walmart

Police in Pennsylvania say they arrested a fat, naked man who was caught on Walmart security cameras stealing a pair of socks. 32-year-old Verdon Lamont...

Michael Jackson Arrested for Pickpocketing in Moscow

Not such a Smooth criminal, eh? Michael Jackson was recently arrested for pickpocketing at a Moscow subway station. A 50 year-old Canadian man (who goes by...

Homeless Man Arrested After Using a Credit Card He “Found” to Get a Pedicure

A homeless man from Florida thought God had blessed him when he stumbled across someone's lost credit card on the side of a Florida...

Man Steals Sandwich, Then Uses Stolen Forklift As Getaway

A Pennsylvania man got very creative over the weekend after he got hungry for a Reuben sandwich. On Sunday, 38-year-old an intoxicated Sean Faulkner walked...

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