As I sit at my desk, body rolling to Foxy Brown and Total’s, “I Can’t,” all I can do is say the same about this clip of Foxy Brown being bum rushed over $900 in weave she evidently didn’t pay for.

Everything I’ve heard about Foxy Brown lately has been sad and pitiful. Only about a month ago did Foxy B. fall off the stage of a hood-ish gay club during NYC Pride. And every now and then on Twitter you hear about Inga being spotted at grocery stores, looking a mess and getting in the express lane with more than the allotted items, which is never cool.

Now this:

Foxy Brown reportedly stole a $900 weave from a hair salon in Brooklyn. Ill Na Na visted celebrity hair stylist Genevieve “GStar” Jean-Baptiste at the UDJAT Hair Salon and asked to have the fake hair put in her head. But instead of paying her bill, Brown ran out of the shop.

Baptiste followed the rapper out of the salon, confronted her, and caught it all on Instagram video, which you can watch above. You can hear Jean-Baptiste say, “Give me my money Foxy Brown” and “This is going to all the blogs.” Brown does appear to be handing her cash in the clip, though.

Still, Jean-Baptiste had some harsh words for Brown. She posted a still from the video and said, “Foxy Brown is a BUM SHE OWES ME MAD MONEY AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.” All caps for extra emphasis.

Girl, you can’t pay for your Virgin Malaysian hair anymore? Has the struggle been so hard that you can’t cover that Indian Remy?

If that is the case, why can’t you downgrade? I mean, don’t they have lower models of weave? Or maybe instead of having hair flowing to your ass crack, maybe it’s time to keep it at a solid shoulder length.

Foxy used to be a multi-platinum selling rapper with endorsement deals and the love of the fashion community. Now she can’t even enter a beauty salon with trust. Pray for Foxy, y’all.

[Complex via MTO]

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