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Lindsay Lohan “Wasn’t Surprised” by Her Mom Dina’s DUI Arrest

Following her latest rehab stint, Lindsay Lohan has been pretty good lately, but too bad the same can't be said about her mother Dina. According...

Lindsay Lohan Has a Change of Heart: “My Mom’s My Best Friend” … “I’m Done” With My Dad!

Barely 24 hours after Lindsay Lohan's bizarre blowout with her mom Dina Lohan, the actress has completely backtracked on her accusations that her mother was...

Lindsay Lohan and Momma Dina Get Into Bizarre Fight About $40,000 and Cab Fare

Taking up the dysfunctionality of their family up a notch, Lindsay Lohan and her ker-RAZY momma Dina Lohan got into a really strange fight...

Dina Lohan Swears She Wasn’t Drunk on Dr. Phil

Lindsay Lohan's crazy as hell momma Dina Lohan recently sat down for a one-on-one interview with Dr. Phil, and in a preview clip, Dina...

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