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XXXTentacion’s Mom is Trying to Stop His Baby Mama From Obtaining His DNA for a Paternity Test

XXXTentacion's baby mama Jenesis Sanchez is trying to establish paternity for her son, and the late rapper's mother is trying her best to stop it.

Drake Has Already Taken a DNA Test and Flew “Secret” Son Adonis Out on Private Jet for Christmas (Report)

Drake has met his rumored son Adonis "multiple times" AND has already taken a DNA test proving that he's the boy's father, according to a new report from TMZ, further proving that Pusha T's "deadbeat" claims have no merit.

Kirk Frost & Jasmine Washington’s Paternity Case Dismissed After LHHATL Stars Fail to Appear in Court, DNA Results Revealed Privately

On the day the court-ordered DNA results were supposed to be revealed, neither Kirk nor Jasmine showed up to court, and the case has been dismissed. WTF?!

Jasmine Washington Relieved Kirk Frost DNA Results Are Days Away; She’s Ready to Be Vindicated & Prove He’s Her Baby Daddy

After several months of avoiding the issue, Kirk took a court-ordered DNA test last week. Jasmine is ready to prove Kirk is the father of her 1-year-old son, Kannon.

Kirk Frost Finally Takes DNA Test to Find Out If He’s the Father of Jasmine Washington’s 1-Year-Old Son

The longest wait for a DNA test in reality show history may finally be over in just a few days. Kirk Frost has reportedly...

You ARE the Father! Alleged DNA Test Proves Kirk Frost Is Jasmine Washington’s Baby Daddy (Report)

According to reports, Kirk Frost is in fact the father of Jasmine Washington’s child, Kannon.

Karen “KK” King Claims Scrapp DeLeon Isn’t King’s Father and Tiarra’s Baby Daddy

One step forward, two steps back. Just when Tiarra and Karen "KK" King seemed like they'd finally gotten to a good place at the...

Maury Povich Shaded Keyshia Cole for Taking 34 Years to Find Her Dad: “You Should Have Called Me”

The internet has no chill and apparently neither does Maury Povich. After Keyshia Cole broke the news via social media that she finally met her...

Baby Mama Drama: Chris Brown Seeking to Establish Paternity of Daughter Royalty

Sh*t just got real. Chris Brown is tired of playing games with his baby mama Nia Guzman and he's filing legal documents to establish paternity...

Mia Farrow Says Her Son Ronan Might Be Frank Sinatra’s, Not Woody Allen’s

Actress Mia Farrow revealed in a new interview with Vanity Fair magazine that Ronan Farrow, her  25-year-old son with actor/director Woody Allen, might instead be Frank Sinatra's...

Kourtney Kardashian Hit with Paternity Suit by Male Model Who Claims Mason is His Son?

Now there's something we didn't see coming. With all eyes are Kim's post baby body and rumors swirling as to whether or not Lamar...

The Jackson Family Doesn’t Want Anyone to Know Michael’s Kids Aren’t His Biologically, or That They’re Broke

Ain't this a bitch? Michael Jackson's family is in the middle of a lawsuit against AEG for hiring Dr. Conrad Murry, who ultimately has...

Rick Ross: “The Kid is NOT My Son!”

Another day...another celebrity being accused of knocking some random chick up! Rapper Rick Ross is denying that he is the father of a 3 year-old...

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