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Malik Yoba Says He’s Attracted to Trans Women, But He’s NOT Gay & Still Identifies As Heterosexual

Malik Yoba is expressing his support for transgender women and those who are attracted to them while also "coming out" himself as being attracted to trans women, saying that he doesn't see the difference between a cisgender woman and a transgender woman.

Lil Xan: “I Am NOT Gay! Do Not Believe Everything You See on the Internet!”

Lil Xan wants the world to know that he is NOT gay.

John Travolta & His New Friend Explain 3 A.M. Gym Encounter

So what exactly was John Travolta doing in that gym at three in the morning? Travolta made headlines last week when he was captured in a...

John Travolta Introduced Himself to a Man Alone at the Gym at 3 AM … ALONE!

Nothing to see here guys! Just a photo of John Travolta and another man alone at the gym at 3 a.m. ... ALONE. "I thought...

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