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How Did Melanie Dotson Die? 22-Year-Old News Reporter’s Cause of Death Still a Mystery

A Mississippi town and newsroom are in mourning after a young reporter died Friday of what's being reported as "natural causes."

“Bunch of Hookers & Cocaine” Is What This Man Will Buy With Powerball Lottery Winnings

According to the website USA Mega, if someone wins the jackpot (your numbers have to match all 5 white balls PLUS the red Powerball),...

Restaurateur Tells Female TV Reporter “I Would Love To See My Meat In Your Mouth”

KCTV reporter Courtenay DeHoff (GREAT NAME, BTW!) dropped by the famous Kansas City burger joint Westport Flea Market to report on their "1985" special,...

Was This News Reporter Fired for Saying He Would “F*ck” Missing Woman Live On Air?

A hilariously awful news blooper popped up on the Internet over the weekend purportedly showing a local Fox News reporter who was fired for...

D.C. Hoodrat Says Bye to TV Reporter with Her Fists in Attempt to Shoo Him Off

Quick: What's skinny, wears a bad weave, has a septum piercing and a major attitude problem? If you guessed Christina Aguilera, nice try, but no...

Little Girl Dancing on the News Wins the Internet This Week

Hands down, this is probably the BEST video you will find on the Internet this week: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B25CDeGgecw?rel=0] Forget whatever that news reporter lady is talking...

Angry Woman Sics Her Pit Bulls on Intrusive News Reporter

A Rhode Island mother, whose 16-year-old daughter was shot during a family member's graduation, made headlines this week after she sicced her pit bulls...

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