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“Empire” Star Bryshere Gray Arrested After Wife Tells Police He Beat Her for Hours & Strangled Her

"Empire" star Bryshere Gray has been arrested on domestic violence charges after his wife ran to a gan station for help and told police that he beat her for hours and at one point strangled her.

Missing Arizona Teen Found Dead in Phoenix Office Building, Police Looking for Person of Interest

The family of Jaelynn Alston, an Arizona teen who went missing and was found dead in a Phoenix office building a week later, is seeking justice for her mysterious death, and they're asking for anyone who knows anything to speak out.

Black Waiter Received Food Order From Co-Workers With N-Word on It, Management Called It a “Joke”

A Black restaurant worker has put his employer on blast for insensitive conduct that he endured in the workplace.

Former Arizona Teacher Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Molesting 13-Year-Old Student

Brittany Zamora, a former teacher in Arizona, was sentenced to 20 years in prison Friday (Jul. 13) after pleading guilty to molesting a 13-year-old student.

Teacher Allegedly Had Sex With 13-Year-Old Student While His Friend Watched

A former Arizona teacher who was arrested last year for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student had sex with the teen while another student was in the classroom, police said.

VIDEO: Man Slaps Hollywood Rapist Harvey Weinstein at Arizona Restaurant

Someone decided to play “patty cake” on Harvey Weinstein’s face … and a bystander caught the whole thing on video so that we can all point and laugh together!

“Moesha” Star Marcus T. Paulk Arrested in Arizona for DUI & Drugs

"Moesha" star Marcus T. Paulk star was arrested and charged with DUI and drug possession Sunday morning (Feb 1) in Arizona after cops pulled...

VIDEO: 9-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Kills Shooting Instructor with Uzi Machine Gun

A 9 year-old girl who was being taught how to "properly" fire an automatic Uzi machine gun accidentally killed her shooting instructor ... and...

Cops Physically Separate Drunk Threesome Having Sex in Public Hot Tub

Three very horny individuals -- one man, two women -- were arrested on public sex charges in Peoria, Arizona after cops busted them in...

911 Dispatcher Laughs at Man During Emergency Call: “Is Your Girlfriend Still On Fire?”

A man from Arizona is demanding an investigation after he was laughed at by a 911 dispatcher while calling to report that his girlfriend...

Man Arrested and Charged with DUI Even Though His BAC Was 0.000

Despite having a blood alcohol level of 0.000, 64-year-old Jessie Thornton was recently arrested and charged with a DUI in Arizona. Thornton, a retired...

This Lucky Arizona Couple Looks THRILLED About Winning the Lottery Twice

Winning the lottery once is pretty cool, but twice? Wow! They say lightening doesn't strike in the same place twice, and the odds of...

Female Gym Teacher (Who Looks Like A Dude) Accused of Sexual Misconduct with 12-Year-Old Girl

In an odd, but not totally surprising, twist to those stories where teachers are caught having inappropriate relationships with students ... a female gym...

$588 Million Powerball Winners Revealed: Tickets Sold in Missouri and Arizona

Officials in the states of Missouri and Arizona confirmed that they each had winning tickets for this week's Powerball Lottery jackpot, which was worth...

Angry About Obama Re-Election, Crazy Arizona Woman Runs Husband Over Because He Didn’t Vote

OMG, run for your lives because you're about to get hit by the crazy mobile! A six month pregnant 28-year-old woman from Gilbert, Arizona...

U.S. Citizens In Over 40 States File Petitions For Secession

Following last week's re-election of President Barack Obama, residents in more than forty U.S. states have filed petitions to secede from the country via...

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