Winning the lottery once is pretty cool, but twice? Wow! They say lightening doesn’t strike in the same place twice, and the odds of winning the lottery are actually slimmer than getting struck by lightening twice. So you can see how much of a big deal it is to win the lottery twice, right?

Well, meet Diane and Kerry Carmichael — the Arizona couple who is making headlines for winning a million-dollar lottery prize twice in the past twenty years. According to reports, the retired couple won a $2.5 million lottery prize back in 1995, and have been receiving a $125,000 annuity check ever since.

But apparently winning a $2.5 million dollar prize wasn’t enough for the Carmichaels to stop participating in the lottery. And as luck would have it for them, they hit the lottery AGAIN — this time winning a $1 million prize, which came right on time because their annuity from their ’95 win expires in 2014.

But if you looked at their faces — especially Kerry Carmichael’s — you wouldn’t even know it. While Diane Carmichael seems pretty happy about being a two-time lottery winner, but her husband doesn’t seem to be even the least bit enthused about it.


So now that Diane and Kerry Carmichael have won twice, you’d think they’d be done with the lottery, but not so, according to Mrs. Carmichael.

“Good things come in threes. Two down, one to go,” said Mrs. Carmichael, who prides herself on being the one who bought the ticket this time around. “It was my ticket this time, the first time it was his ticket, so, I got the thrill of saying, ‘I won,'” she said.

And evidently, Mr. Carmichael’s lack of enthusiasm after winning the lottery isn’t a one-time occurrence. When he and his wife won the lottery the first time in 1995, he didn’t look that happy then either. Take a look:


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