OMG, run for your lives because you’re about to get hit by the crazy mobile! A six month pregnant 28-year-old woman from Gilbert, Arizona went totally ape shit on her husband and ran him over with their jeep simply because “he didn’t vote,” which, based on her logic of politics, is the reason why President Obama was re-elected.

The woman, who’s name is Holly Solomon, was reportedly sitting in her car having a pretty heated argument about this year’s presidential elections with her spouse Daniel Solomon.

Holly was upset that President Barack Obama was re-elected and protested against her husband for not voting. Apparently, Holly believed her family would face hardship as a result of Obama’s re-election

Tired of the nonsense, Daniel stepped out of the vehicle and began walking away. This made the already frantic woman even more aggravated, and according to 911 callers this is when she stepped on it and ran him over, pinning him under the car.

Operator: “911 what’s your emergency?

Caller: “This woman just ran down her husband or boyfriend or husband in the parking lot! She got out of the car and she was screaming at him, started driving circles around him and finally he started trying to get away and she ran into him.”

Operator: “911 where is your emergency?”

Caller: “Yeah somebody just got rammed over here. The guy is on the ground right now and I can see the wife or girlfriend is on the phone right now.”

Solomon told police the incident was basically an accident and that she meant to hit the brakes, not run into her husband.

The man was immediately hospitalized and is currently in critical condition.


We knew this year’s election results would make waves, but…running people over?  That’s just CRAZY!

…Then again, she did vote for Mitt Romney. 😉

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