During a rally Monday afternoon (Oct. 26) in Lititz, Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump bizarrely suggested that the media is fixated on former President Barack Obama for being more handsome and more a prolific speaker than he is, saying that neither of that is true … or at least that’s how he looks at it.

“You know how many people he’s drawing at these rallies? Like, he’s drawing flies. 20, 30, 40 [people]. Not quite this crowd,” Trump said to his supporters.

“Oh, did you see the other day? Did you see the other day, Mr. Congressman? He had 41 people, but the press never shows that. They show him speaking. And he gets up, and then they say, ‘Oh, he’s so rhetorically good’,” the president continued.

“I never thought he was a good speaker, personally, I really never did. Then, they say, ‘He’s so handsome. He’s so handsome.’ Oh, OK. Alright.”

This is coming from someone who wears terrible wigs and regularly bathes in Cheeto dust to maintain a tan.

And for the record … even Stevie Wonder can see that Barack Obama is a better-looking man than Donald Trump.

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to point out how much Obama is better than Trump in various ways either, and how Obama appears to live in Trump’s head rent-free.

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