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Aaron Hernandez’s Alleged Prison Boyfriend Gives First Televised Interview: “He Wanted to Marry Me”

Aaron Hernandez's cellmate and alleged lover has given his first televised interview and is sharing details of their alleged relationship.

Aaron Hernandez Bragged to His Prison Boyfriend About Killing Four People, New Book Claims

"I got four bodies." Former NFL Star Aaron Hernandez allegedly revealed this to his alleged prison lover while he was serving time for killing one...

Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancée Says She Doesn’t Believe He Committed Suicide in Exclusive Dr. Phil Interview

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez tells Dr. Phil McGraw that she has questions regarding fiancé Aaron Hernandez’s death and does not believe he committed suicide.

Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancée Shayanna Jenkins Discusses Last Conversation With Him and More in Dr. Phil Interview

Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée is speaking out for the first time since his shocking suicide.

“I Miss My Friend”: Aaron Hernandez’s Alleged Prison Lover Kyle Kennedy Speaks Out for the First Time

Kyle Kennedy is speaking out for the first time since reports suggested he was Aaron Hernandez’s "prison lover."

Aaron Hernandez’s Lawyer Jose Baez Slams Reports NFL Star Wrote Suicide Note to “Prison Lover” Kyle Kennedy

“Rumors of letters to a gay lover, in or out of prison, are false. These are malicious leaks used to tarnish somebody who is dead."

Kyle Kennedy: Aaron Hernandez’s Alleged “Prison Lover” Revealed As 22-Year-Old Armed Robber

He is serving time for armed robbery and is currently on suicide watch after the former Patriots tight end hanged himself in his jail cell.

Aaron Hernandez Revealed Bisexuality in Suicide Note to “Prison Boyfriend,” May Have Killed Odin Lloyd to Keep His Secret (Report)

A suicide note left by Aaron Hernandez to his prison lover may have revealed he was bisexual. The revelation is also sparking speculation he murdered Odin Lloyd to keep his sexuality a secret.

Aaron Hernandez, Former NFL Star Convicted of Murder, Found Dead in Prison Cell After Hanging Himself

Hernandez was recently acquitted on double-murder charges from 2012, though he was still set to serve a life sentence without a chance of parole for his April 2015 murder conviction for fatally shooting semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd.

Aaron Hernandez Indicted for Two Murders in 2012 Boston Drive-By Shooting

Things have gotten a bit more complicated for accused murder Aaron Hernandez, who is currently sitting behind bars at Massachusetts's Bristol County Jail for allegedly...

Aaron Hernandez Beat the Crap Out of Jail Inmate Who Was Harassing Him

Aaron Hernandez already has a lot on his plate, with him being accused of murder and all, but a recent prison fight has now...

What Accused Murderer Aaron Hernandez Ate in Jail for Thanksgiving

Aaron Hernandez -- the ex-NFL player who may or may not have killed someone (and who may or may not have started the "Hernandezing"...

Chad Ochocinco Says He’ll Pay ANYTHING to Keep His #85 Jersey on the Patriots

NFL star Chad Ochocinco will pay any price to keep his jersey #85. After being traded to the New England Patriots recently, sources close to...

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