A suicide note left by Aaron Hernandez to his prison lover may have revealed he was bisexual. The revelation is also sparking speculation the former NFL star resorted to murder in order to keep is sexuality a secret.

Three handwritten suicide notes were reportedly found in Hernandez’s cell after he hanged himself last week (Apr. 19). Two of the notes were for his fiancée and 4-year-old daughter. The third was reportedly left to his “prison boyfriend,” 22-year-old Kyle Kennedy.

Though the contents of this third letter have not been revealed, it has been described as an “open admission of [Hernandez’s] bisexual orientation.”

This alleged unnamed lover is also believed to be the last person to speak to the former Patriots tight end. He is reportedly now on a 24/7 suicide watch in the prison.

The Daily Mail first reported on the letter, but Newsweek has also discovered Hernandez may have had a longtime romantic relationship with a male high school classmate. Due to this new information coming to light, it’s now being theorized Hernandez murdered Odin Lloyd in 2013 to keep this relationship and his sexuality a secret.

The publication reports that Ernest Wallace told detectives Lloyd called Hernandez a “schmoocher,” a term he perceived as a gay slur. Wallace — who is serving a 4 ½ to 7-year sentence as an accessory to Lloyd’s murder — was also recorded while visiting Hernandez in jail saying that he would have not helped him dispose of the murder weapon had he known Hernandez was a “limp wrist.”

Hernandez’s alleged high school lover was interviewed by authorities and even testified in front of a grand jury after Lloyd’s death.

Also interesting is that prior to being arrested for the Lloyd’s murder, Hernandez “moved a large amount of money” into several bank accounts. The accounts were for his fiancée, his daughter, and the largest amount went into an account for his alleged lover.

It was previously suspected Hernandez killed Lloyd — who was dating Hernandez’s fiancée’s sister at the time of his death — because he had knowledge of a 2012 double homicide Hernandez had allegedly committed. However, it’s now being theorized he killed the semi-professional footballer in order to keep his bisexuality a secret.

Though Hernandez was found guilty of Lloyd’s murder and was serving a life sentence, he was acquitted of the 2012 double homicide on April 14, just five days before his suicide.

Hernandez hanged himself with his bedsheets attached to his cell window. Sources suggest he had been planning the suicide for weeks. He was selling her personal items to other inmates and he covered his cell floor with soap. The soap would prevent Hernandez from finding proper footing had he changed his mind at the last minute.

Hernandez’s funeral will be held Monday (Apr. 24) in his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut. His brain will also be examined for CTE, a neurological degenerative disease often found in football players and other contact sport athletes.

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