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HQ Trivia & Vine Co-Founder Colin Kroll Found Dead of Apparent Drug Overdose

Colin Kroll, the CEO and co-founder of the popular HQ Trivia app, was found dead early Sunday morning (Dec. 16) of a suspected drug overdose. He was 35 years old.

This Vine is Pure Perfection: “I’m In My Mum’s Car, Broom Broom!”

Thanks to this Vine clip posted on Gawker's new "Disputations" Kinja blog -- where writers share daily musings and things that go on around...

This Vine Is Proof That Racism Isn’t Going Anywhere For Now, Unfortunately

If you've ever been in the unfortunate situation of being followed around a high-end store because of your age and/or the color of your...

Al Roker is Officially Too Old for Drake Concerts

Noted weatherman and world-famous sharter Al Roker was in the audience at Drake's "Would You Like A Tour?" concert in Hartford, Connecticut Saturday night,...

Watch This Magnificent Vine of Perez Hilton Getting Cursed Out to His Face Over and Over Again

The bait: What's up? I'm here with Perez Hilton... Plus the switch: ...who's a fu*king piece of sh*t ass-h*le. FU*K YOU! Equals "PERFECTION." WATCH HERE: Thanks BuzzFeed!

This Vine of a Lady Screaming in an Apple Store is Scary and Funny, But Mostly Scary

So ... apparently, this woman walked into an Apple store, without an appointment, demanding that someone help her. And when she didn't get the...

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