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Atlanta Airport TSA Worker Tests Positive for Coronavirus

A Transportation Security Administration worker at the airport in Atlanta has tested positive for COVID-19 aka coronavirus, the TSA announced Monday (Mar. 16).

Diana Ross Says She Felt “Violated” After Being Groped by TSA Agent at New Orleans Airport: “I Still Feel Her Hands Between My Legs…”

Diana Ross says that she was treated like a queen while spending time in New Orleans recently. But when she got to the airport, it was a totally different story.

You Big Dummy! A Man Tried to Sneak a Gun on a Plane By Wrapping It in Foil & Hiding It Inside a DVD Player

A man from Queens, New York was arrested at JFK Airport after he was caught trying to sneak a gun on the plane in possibly the dumbest way ever.

TSA Apologizes for Detaining Crying Toddler in Wheelchair and Almost Ruining Her Trip to Disney World

Earlier this month, an adorable little 3-year-old-girl named Lucy Forck and her parents were at the St. Louis International Airport on her way to...

Jonah Falcon’s Big Penis Makes TSA Think He’s Packing a Lethal Weapon

While it's never fun to get caught in the spider-web of the TSA, it's got to be considered one hell of a compliment when...

Clumsy TSA Agent Spilled Grandpa’s Ashes All Over the Floor, Then Laughed About It

An Indiana man is demanding an apology from the TSA after one of their incompetent agents dropped a jar containing the cremated remains of...

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