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Former LAPD Cop Jailed for Rodney King Beating Arrested for DUI

67-year-old Stacey Koon, the former LAPD sergeant who went to prison for his involvement in the Rodney King beating, was arrested on suspicion of DUI Tuesday (May 1) after he crashed into a parked car.

Rodney King Had Alcohol, PCP, Cocaine And Marijuana In His System When He Died

Rodney King had a number of different drugs and substances in his system when he drowned in his pool back in June, according to...

Rodney King’s Friends Think His Fiancee Cynthia Kelley Lied About How He Died

Two of Rodney King's closest friends are NOT buying his fiancee's death story, and TMZ reports that they have gone to police to voice...

Rodney King Dead at 47; Fiancee Found Him at the Bottom of Pool

Rodney King -- the man who became known at the center-piece of the infamous L.A. riots -- was found dead at his home in...

Rodney King Arrested for Allegedly Driving Drunk

Rodney King is back in the news again... King, who was famously videotaped being beaten by the police way back in the early 90's,...

Rodney King Pulled Over in the Wake of the 20th Anniversary of L.A. Beating

Just one day shy of the  20th anniversary of his infamous beat down at the hands of the Negro bashing L.A.P.D., Rodney King managed...

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