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Steph Curry Suffers Broken Hand After Hard Fall During Suns Game

Things just went from bad to worse for the Golden State Warriors as Steph Curry has broken his left hand.

WOW: Phoenix Suns Fan Slam Dunks Himself Right into Basketball Hoop! (VIDEO)

When jumping off a trampoline goes wrong..... A Phoenix Suns halftime "Sol Patrol" dunker accidentally dunked himself right into the goal!!! (SMH) Peep the hilarious footage...

Game 5: Phoenix Suns Vs. San Antonio Spurs

The Phoenix Suns played their final game (1-4) of the series in the playoff last night losing to the San Antonio Spurs by 5...

Game 4: San Antonio Spurs Vs. Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns become optimistic in Game 4 by winning their first game last night. The won by 19 points (105-86), but the San...

Game 3: Phoenix Suns Vs. San Antonio Spurs

(Photos: Getty Images) It's looking really dark for the Phoenix Suns' right now. The San Antonio Spurs show no signs of slowing down the...

Game 1: Phoenix Suns Vs. San Antonio Spurs

Looks like the sun has set for the Phoenix Suns, with a domination and victory to the San Antonio Spurs last night. With a...

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