A$AP Rocky and Nelly were both trending on Twitter Thursday morning (Apr. 23) after an old interview resurfaced in which the former took credit for making Nike Air Force 1’s popular.

Back in 2015, Rocky did an Oxford Union Q&A, and during the hour-long interview, the rapper claimed he’s the reason why everyone was wearing Air Force 1’s after 2011.

“Coming out with the Air Force 1 thing, man I lie to you not. You can ask my manager it was all premeditated. I said, listen, I’m gonna wear these wack sneakers: it was 2011,” Rocky said. “I said Imma wear these wack sneakers just to test the scene…

He added: “You name it, we brought it back. It was nostalgic to us because we’re hip-hoppers, and I wanted to purposely be able to identify when I did certain things. It was almost like I put a trademark out there. So when people started wearing Air Force 1’s again, I stopped wearing it, and I just said I did my job, and I was right all along. I haven’t worn Air Force 1s since 2013.

Twitter responded to A$AP’s rocky claim, saying that the Harlem rapper is most certainly not responsible for the popularity of Air Force 1’s, and it’s actually Nelly’s “Air Force Ones” song, released in 2002, that sparked the trend.

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