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Mugshot Madness: Arkansas Sheriff Forced Inmates to Wear Nike Shirts to Mock Colin Kaepernick, Says Shaun King

An Arkansas sheriff's office has been accused of forcing people to pose for their mugshots in Nike shirts to mock the company's recent deal with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Nike Stocks Close at Record High Following Controversial Colin Kaepernick Endorsement

Following their controversial endorsement of Colin Kaepernick, Nike stocks closed at a record high on Friday (Sep. 14) of $83.49 per share—the company's sixth straight day of closing all-time highs.

FAKE NEWS ALERT: No, a Man Did NOT Accidentally Burn His House Down After Setting Nike Shoes on Fire

A story about a man who accidentally burned his house down after setting his Nike shoes on fire in protest over the company's ties with Colin Kaepernick is 100% fake news.

Kanye West is “Happy” for Drake, Still Pissed at Nike

Kanye West is proud of Drake ... but he still hates Nike though! A source close to Yeezy says the rapper is happy for Drake...

Drake Announces Shoe Deal with Nike and Air Jordan, Shows Off OVO-Branded Sneakers

When Drake isn't wining and dining Rihanna, releasing unwanted Aaliyah collaborations, and working on his figure in the gym.... the "OVO" rapper is making...

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