It’s no secret that Joseline Hernandez loves herself some Stevie J, but are the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” lovebirds … MARRIED? Or at the very least, engaged?

That’s what everyone wants to know after Joseline pulled a Chrissy Lampkin and proposed to Steebie because she didn’t want to wait a decade and a half for him to propose to her.

During the season finale that aired last week, Steebie told Joseline after she proposed to him that he would keep the ring she gave him, but needed more time to decide if he’s ready to tie the knot with her officially.

“I’m gonna say that we got time, and I’m gonna put this on,” Stevie said. “I’m not gonna say yes and I’m not gonna say no. We got time and I want to keep this though, because you’re special to me.”

At the end of the episode, Steebie inducted her into this organization he created off the top of his head called the “Life Partner Gang” or, in his words, “LPG, baby!” but when he gave Mimi a ring too, Joseline went off on him and attacked him in the elevator, as security tried to pull her off of him and Mimi was laughing in the background.

Apparently Steebie and Joseline have made up though, because Hip Hop Weekly — a publication run by Stevie J’s “bro” Benzino — has confirmed that the couple are indeed married.

Benzino was so excited about breaking the big story that he tweeted about it several times last week:

Stevie also somewhat “confirmed” the news himself on Twitter after last week’s “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Season 2 finale aired, but was a bit cryptic with the details, as many of his followers pointed out.

In his interview with Hip Hop Weekly, Stevie also touched on rumors of a possible spin-off show, featuring him and Joseline, saying that they might have a ceremony on the show. “When the show permits, we’ll have it on or own show and have some kids on the show,” he revealed.

Stevie was asked about how Joseline feels about being married and he said she has the “best fuckin man in the whole world.” When asked about how Mimi felt about all of this, he said she obviously wasn’t happy about it.

“There’s some jealousy there but I don’t believe there’s enough to where there would be a problem,” Stevie explained. “Joseline is my wife now, and Mimi is the mother of my child. Not a whole lot can be done. But I can make sure that Mimi will always be good,” he said, adding “That’s not going to change. But I’m married now – I’m married now!”

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