Rapper Jay-Z is (once again) setting the record straight about his rumored Illuminati alliance! In an interview with British radio personality Tim Westwood, Jigga broke down why everybody thinks he’s a part of the secret society. Hit the link below to see what Jay said…

“It’s a secret society that everyone knows about. I think that when people have a certain amount of success it needs to be explained in a way other than hard work and talent and being blessed. We’ve been seeing this since the beginning of time. The Beatles or anybody else that’s similar [to them]. That’s how you know that you’re really getting big. And I’m just like ‘Man, I’m rock star big? I get these kinds of rumors?’ I think it’s really silly but everybody needs stuff to talk about.”

We feel you on that Jigga…..some people can’t accept success for what it is!

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