Jive Records’ mega superstar Britney Spears is leaking like nobody’s business. Circus, is slated to be the official revival of the Pop Princess. The album’s official release date is December 2, 2008. This festive occasion not only marks the release but it is also Britney Spears’ birthday. Spears seems untainted with the downfall of one of the most powerful brand names to hit households. And after the release of Blackout, her most controversial, risk-taking, and unfulfilled in sales album to date. But fortunately, she’s picked herself up in a matter of months for her children’s sake. Blackout, being considered her laziest effort, delivered the most potent Spears material to be released. So, now that the Pop Princess is back on her P’s & Q’s, will she succeed with Circus? The album title itself was a clever spin to the reality she was living. Spears stated, “I was stuck in the middle of it all. It was just crazy.” With, all eyes on Britney Spears’ latest effort, does she deliver? With that being said…let’s see what I found out.

Circus has 19 tracks; six of which are bonus tracks. The producers that were involved with this project were Bloodshy & Avant, Benny Blanco, Danja Handz, Dr. Luke, Fernado Garibay, Greg Kurstin, Guy Sigsworth, Jim Beanz, Kelly Claude, Let’s Go To War, Max Martin, Nicole Morier, The Outsyders, and The Underdogs. Please, go visit all of them and tell them that JC @ GossipOnThis.COM sentcha ;-).

LISTEN: BRitney Spears – Circus

The album opens up with “Womanizer.” I wasn’t very fond of this song due to the track being excessively repetitive. However, it has grown on me. The video wasn’t the best, but comparing it to her downfall videos during the Blackout era, this was definitely a step in the right direction. The video itself reminds me of a tribute to “Toxic.” The song was clearly directed towards Kevin Federline. The second song on the album is “Circus.” This track is f*cking blazing! The lyrics are beyond witty and the production is flawless. “Kill The Lights,” “Shattered Glass,” “If U See Amy,” “Unusual You,” “Blur,” “Mmm Papi,” “Mannequin,” and “Phonography” are all the instant songs that when you hear, you instantly gravitate towards them. It’ll be difficult for you to not find something about the production or lyrics to fall in love with because they’re easy classic pop songs. This proves that nobody does U.S. pop like Britney Spears. She effortlessly shimmers over pretty much every track.

LISTEN: Britney Spears – BLUR

The album itself is a solid and consistent project to follow behind Blackout. I love that they put “Radar” on the album as a bonus, but they should have included “Toy Solider” too!


Overall, the album is excellent and would make for a great Christmas gift for just about anyone, although I must say the single selection could’ve been better. I just hope that there are at least 4 videos for this album excluding Womanizer.  The album is just so solid and pretty much one long single It’d be pointless for her label not to attempt to milk this situation due to her neglecting Blackout.  Don’t forget to: Purchase, Purchase, Purchase!!!!

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