I’m sorry but I just recently caught the I Love New York show, and to my surprise, Tango wins!? I thought she would have picked Chance since they clicked so well and I liked him better. With Tango, they had nothing in common, she made fun of his mother and all that shit– and he proposed to her, weren’t they in the house for like three weeks? That’s a pretty BIG step if you ask me… But anyway, I dont think she meant to say yes, she probably felt compelled to say it because the cameras were there. I am sure by the reunion she will be back single again, sorry but you know and I know, New York wasn’t all that excited about his proposal… Anyway, I wish both of them well… who knows! She may actually go through with this and it’ll be time for another Strange Love. But anyway if you missed it you can read up on the synopsis HERE

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