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North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un Reportedly Dead After Heart Surgery Goes Wrong

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is rumored to dead, according to a Hong Kong broadcast network.

Dennis Rodman, Wearing MAGA Hat, Breaks Down Crying Over Donald Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong Un in Singapore (VIDEO)

Though President Donald Trump's meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is certainly a historic moment on its own, Dennis Rodman somehow managed to steal the spotlight away from the Trump-Kim meeting during his appearance on CNN Monday night (Jun. 11).

President Trump Cancels Meeting With North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un Due to “Open Hostility”

President Donald Trump will not be meeting with Kim Jong Un in June, according to a letter addressed to North Korea's Supreme Leader from the president. The letter was released by The White House Thursday morning (May 24).

North Korea Vice-Premier Choe Yong-gon Executed by Kim Jong-un (Report)

Government officials in South Korea are said to be monitoring reports that North Korea's vice-premier Choe Yong-gon was executed by firing squad back in...

Dennis Rodman Checks Into Rehab for Alcohol Addiction After North Korea Trip

Dennis Rodman is finally getting the help he needs. The former NBA star, who just returned home to the U.S. following a controversial trip to...

Dennis Rodman Breaks Down Crying After Returning from North Korea Trip

Dennis Rodman has been making a complete fool of himself lately. After returning from his most recent trip to North Korea, the former NBA star...

Dennis Rodman Apologizes for CNN Meltdown: “I Had Been Drinking”

Dennis Rodman was in North Korea to play basketball for Kim Jong Un's birthday, and in an interview with CNN earlier this week, the...

Kim Jong Un’s Ex-Girlfriend Executed by Firing Squad for Making Sex Tape?

According to reports from foreign media, North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is believed to have ordered the execution of his ex-girlfriend by...

Dennis Rodman Kicked Out of New York Hotel for Annoying Rant About How “Great” Kim Jong Un Is

Dennis Rodman wants the ENTIRE WORLD to know that Kim Jong Un is "such a great guy" ... so much so that he reportedly...

What Dennis Rodman and Hillary Clinton Seem To Have In Common

With a headline like that, I could really take this a thousand different places. You nervous? Don't be. Dennis Rodman is back in the headlines,...

Food Shortage in North Korea Forcing Parents To Eat Their Own Children?

Any news out of North Korea should be taken with the biggest grain of salt on the planet, but multiple reports from the region...

Lil Kim Covers TIME Magazine?

Lil Kim has landed the cover of a major publication: TIME Magazine! Too bad it's not the Lil Kim you're thinking of, because landing a...

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