The Broward County Sheriff’s Office has released the surveillance video showing a group of men ambushing and killing rapper XXXTentacion as he was leaving a motorsports dealership in Deerfield Beach, Florida back in June.

The haunting footage showing the final moments of XXX’s life was played in public for the first time Thursday (Sep. 27) by prosecutors during a Broward County court hearing for one of the suspects.

The video shows X arriving at RIVA Motorsports at 3:30 p.m. on June 18th. X had a bag in his left hand as he and a friend entered the dealership.

A minute later, the footage shows the suspects’ car arriving and two of them walking into the store behind X. The men walked past XXXTentacion, who briefly looked at them before continuing his conversation with an employee at the store (as seen in the image above). The video shows the suspects walking to the back of the store and talking on their cell phones.

Less than 30 minutes later, around 3:55 p.m., as XXXTentacion was leaving the store and driving out of the parking lot, the rapper’s BMW was blocked by an SUV from exiting. When XXX stops his car, two men wielding guns jump out of the SUV—one holding some sort of assault rifle—and confront the rapper, while a person in X’s car flees.

Investigators say the men threatened and robbed XXXTentacion, and the video shows the men struggling with him. In the video, you can actually see the men reaching into X’s car as he resists.

As one of the men points a large gun into the driver’s side window, the other man goes around to the open passenger door and enters the vehicle. Shots are fired before the men flee with a Louis Vuitton bag from the rapper’s car. As previously reported, the suspects made off with $50K in cash, which was in the LV bag.

Prosecutors explained XXX’s final moments alive during a discovery and bail hearing for Robert Allen, one of four suspects charged with the rapper’s murder.

Prosecutors said the man who pulled the trigger is Michael Boatright and the other man seen in the footage who jumped into the passenger side of the vehicle is Trayvon Newsome. Dedrick Williams and Robert Allen were the two men seen following X into the dealership.

During Allen’s court hearing, in which he asked the judge to reduce his band, his attorney, Jim Lewis, said Allen never left the vehicle and did not take part in the robbery.

“He was at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people,” Lewis said (according to CBS Miami). “It’s always been my client’s position is he didn’t know this was going to be a robbery, he didn’t participate in it. He didn’t share any of the fruits of it.”

But prosecutors and investigators say that is far from the truth, and Allen is accused of playing a role in the murder—from being linked to the rental car to communicating with the other men who were outside the store prior to the murder.

The judge ultimately denied Allen’s request to reduce his bond, and all four men remain in Broward County Main Jail on premeditated murder charges.

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