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Meek Mill’s Bail Request Denied By Judge Who Claims He’s a “Danger to the Community”

Meek Mill’s fight to be released from jail on bail continues. The controversial judge presiding over the controversial case denied the Meek’s request last week, claiming the rapper is a “danger to the community.”

Meek Mill’s Lawyer Says Judge Has Personal Vendetta Against Rapper, JAY-Z & T.I. Blast 2-Year Jail Sentence

Moments after Meek Mill was sentenced a minimum of two years in jail, his layer claims the judge has a “vendetta” against him because he refused to remake a Boys II Men song at her request.

Trey Songz Receives 18 Months Probation After Destroying Detroit Stage

The singer has pled guilty to two misdemeanors and struck a deal that will keep him from behind bars.

Rob Kardashian Possibly Violated “Revenge Porn” Law by Posting Blac Chyna’s Nudes, Could Face 6 Months in Jail & $1,000 Fine

California's "revenge porn" law makes it illegal to publicly share nude photos of someone with the intent to cause them harm, distress or for revenge.

Chris Brown Released From Jail After Posting $250K Bail, Get the Latest Details on His Arrest

After an intense Tuesday with LAPD, Chris Brown is out of jail. The singer was arrested for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon....

Chris Brown Arrested, Facing Felony Assault With a Deadly Weapon Charge After LAPD Standoff

After a stand-off with LAPD that lasted hours, Brown has been taken into police custody and could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Chris Brown’s Home Surrounded by LAPD and SWAT After Woman Claims He Pulled a Gun On Her

Another day, another wild Chris Brown story. Early Tuesday morning (Aug. 30), a woman claimed Brown threatened her with a gun. And now LAPD...

Tyga Ordered to Pay Landlord $186K After Leaving “Hazardous Environmental Waste” in Rental Property

Tyga’s financial/legal issues don’t seem to ever end. The rapper has just been ordered to pay a six-figure sum to cover damages he caused...

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez Battle in Court, Judge Denies Stevie’s Request to Extend Restraining Order

The tension we saw between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez during the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion special has spilled over into the...

Tyga Facing Arrest Upon Returning to the States, Maybach He Bought Kylie Could be Seized

By now, you’ve probably heard that an arrest warrant has been issued for Tyga. However, the rapper is currently out of the country in...

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