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Quincy Gives One of His Biggest Fans a Virtual Escape in “ESC” Video

Quincy has released the official music video for his latest single "ESC." The video shows Q virtually interacting with one of his biggest fans using his own Quincy-branded VR goggles.

Japanese Pop Sensation LiLi Spotted in Tokyo on a Six-Figure Shopping Spree

It is widely known that Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in but that doesn’t seem to matter to Amada Records recording artist LiLi, who is rumored to spend six figures on her day-to-day shopping sprees.

Amada Records COO Tiffany Gaines Featured in Forbes

The COO of Amada Records and entertainment entrepreneur Tiffany Gaines has been featured in Forbes. As per the news, Tiffany has been enlisted in the Forbes Next 1000 list.

Sweet Sunshine Blues Outsells Nicki Minaj on 50/50 Compilation With DJ Grid

In the latest news, Sweet Sunshine Blues have outsold Nicki Minaj on the latest "50/50" compilation with DJ Grid.

RedrumSociety Delray Beach Show Sells Out in 48 Hours

According to reports, Redrum Society recently hosted a live show in Delray Beach, FL. The club promoters reported that the show's tickets were sold out within 48 hours of the announcement, which is a huge success for the band.

Melissa B. Gives an Outstanding Performance on Vincent Lyn’s New Song “Just Imagine People United”

Just Imagine — that on earth all human beings were united as one, living together in harmony. We all know how beautiful that would...

The DJ Grid 50/50 Compilation Reaches Top 25 on Billboard Music Charts

In the latest news, the "50/50" compilation that has been introduced by DJ Grid has made it in the top 25 hits of the Billboard music charts.

RedrumSociety Releases New Single “Seeing Things”

RedrumSociety has released a new single called "Seeing Things" that is making moves on the Billboard charts.
Elijah Connor "Lemon Lime"

Elijah Connor Rises to the Top of the Charts with New Single “Lemon & Lime”

The younger cousin to Prince, one of the world's most influential & iconic musicians to ever live, Elijah Connor is currently charting No. 1 on the Amazon R&B Sales Charts with his new single "Lemon & Lime."

RedrumSociety’s New Single “Seeing Things” Projected to Top Billboard Rock Charts

RedrumSociety, led by singer/guitarist Zach Cohen, is an award-winning South Florida original band who for the past few years has enjoyed performing frequently in local shows.

LiLi Signs Million Dollar Deal with Amada Records

LiLi is a talented singer and songwriter who sets the bar higher in terms of genre definitions and sonic aesthetics. Not only is she ready to unleash some of her best music yet, but she also recently signed a million-dollar deal with Amada Records, which is sure to take her career to the next level.

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