LiLi is a talented singer and songwriter who sets the bar higher in terms of genre definitions and sonic aesthetics. Not only is she ready to unleash some of her best music yet, but she also recently signed a million-dollar deal with Amada Records, which is sure to take her career to the next level.

Her music is not just about entertainment, but it’s all about setting the bar higher to share authentic experiences and connect with the audience on a deeper level.


Invisible is a perfect example of how LiLi also uses music to create a strong bond with other people and share something quite special with her listeners. The song features two extraordinary guests: DreamDoll, one of the hottest female rappers on the scene today, and none other than the absolute legend himself, Fatman Scoop, one of the most iconic names in the rap game. LiLi holds her own with her exciting performance, even when you put her next to two of the most talented artists in the industry today.

The song hits hard with a stellar mix, and it brings a dash of uniqueness and focuses to the artist’s music. The sheer scope of the production will immediately capture your imagination.

The music has a larger-than-life feel, almost hitting the speaker in a big cinematic way. These sounds are very evocative and create a strong texture, rather than just focusing on a melodic line to remember. The fact that there are many layers to this release allows the artist to achieve an extra sense of depth, making for a balanced and robust tone. In addition to the quality production, the song also comes with a matching music video, which has a fun and one-of-a-kind vibe, matching the music to perfection.

LiLi is here to leave a legacy, and Invisible is a strong indication that she seriously means business. This track is for anyone who enjoys music made with passion and integrity. LiLi is a rare breed: an artist who is entirely selfless in terms of musicianship, as she does not just seek fame and glory: she wants to impact her audience positively.

LiLi has stepped up to that challenge, and after rolling out top-charting new music and providing job opportunities for animators with her visual project, the triple-threat has signed a multi-million dollar deal with Amada Records.

“It’s an artist’s dream to have control over their career, and to partner with a label that fully commits to that dream is a reality that I’m grateful for,” LiLi says. “Their belief in me and support of my visions have been amazing and I’m looking forward to continuing this collaboration on an even higher level.”

Fatman Scoop, DreamDoll & LiLi - "Invisible"

For more on LiLi, follow her on Instagram, and do not miss out on Invisible, which is available on all major streaming platforms.

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