It is widely known that Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in but that doesn’t seem to matter to Amada Records recording artist LiLi, who is rumored to spend six figures on her day-to-day shopping sprees.

As CEO of the Tokyo Dreamgirl entertainment company, she’s raking in the big bucks and shopping like a rock star. She lives in the most popular and expensive building in the country, has three supercars, and a wardrobe room bigger than most people’s houses.

She tries to keep her financial status private, but it’s pretty obvious when you see her driving around in Bentleys and Ferraris every day, and shopping at all the most expensive stores in the city.

LiLi pictured with JP¥1.1 Million (or $100K USD)

One good thing is that she hasn’t let her money and success go to her head, and apparently she’s always nice to everyone. So there are actually some rich people who are not snobs after all. Bravo LiLi!

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