RedrumSociety lead singer Zach Cohen

RedrumSociety’s concert in Delray Beach sold out in 48 hours. According to reports, Redrum Society recently hosted a live show in Delray Beach, FL. The club promoters reported that the show’s tickets were sold out within 48 hours of the announcement, which is a huge success for the band.

The South Florida band has been making great waves in the music industry after its comeback in 2018. The band’s lead singer Zach Cohen rejuvenated the band after his demise, leading to the glory that it has never seen before.

Most recently, the band also released its new hit “Seeing Things” which has become a sensation amongst its fans. Sources wanted to know more about how the band is approaching its goals and had an up-close and personal interview with Zach.

Talking about the latest release, Zach shared some insights on how the song was created and what it expressed.

“It’s about infidelity and how it causes relationships to break. As always, I’m reflecting on my personal life with the song and how my girlfriend used to have suspicions. However, the reason why the song has been so prominent among our fans is that it’s a common thing that everyone is facing,” he stated.

“People do have suspicions; however, letting them overcome the feelings of yourself and your partner destroys the true essence of the relationship. That is what I tried to present in my song and it’s the reason why many people resonated with it because they’ve faced the situation of being accused of something they didn’t do and that led to destroying their relationships.”

Previously, the band had released “Street Fights,” which topped iTunes charts. “Later All Night” was also previously released and was equally popular among the fans.

In the latest venture on the Delray Beach, fans were able to rejoice in the return of the band with its spectacular performance. Moreover, the show was anticipated to be scheduled as soon as lockdown and COVID protective measures were eased. It was during the pandemic when fans urged the band to host a live concert and were quite eager to attend. Fans even requested Zach and the band to host the show while having safety precautions.

However, considering the pandemic’s situation, the show was postponed but later held and fans weren’t disappointed at all. Giving their all, RedrumSociety presented some of their hits as well as their latest releases, with Zach Cohen as the lead and his crew standing side by side with him.

Zach Cohen

The band has been enjoying new heights of fame in the blues category. The music style and amazing blend of the different genres led by Zach’s amazing composition skills have led the band to take deep roots in the hearts of the fans. Moreover, the band is all set to give several releases this year and fans are waiting anxiously to have more from RedrumSociety after its great success at the Delray Beach show.

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