In the latest news, Sweet Sunshine Blues have outsold Nicki Minaj on the latest 50/50 compilation with the DJ Grid. As per the sources, the DJ Grid’s latest compilation has hit the Billboard Chart List in the top 25 and has made ripples in the music industry.

The DJ Grid has been producing epic sensations that have been ranked on the top of the Billboard charts for years. With their compilations, they’re giving new space for artists to get acknowledged for their latest releases.

Amongst their latest compilation, Sweet Sunshine Blues have outsold Nicki Minaj on the records. The compilation has proven to be advantageous for the artists that have managed to take new heights on the charts.

Sources wanted to get an in-depth insight on how the DJ Grid has managed to bring new sensations and called them for an interview. When asked about their approach and their work with Sweet Sunshine Blues, they said: “It’s a privilege to work with numerous artists in the industry. Working with them, we’ve managed to create associations that have helped us create superb compilations that fans have loved and endorsed over the years.”

“In addition, we manage to work with artists that are starring in the domain. Sweet Sunshine is one of those sensations that has managed to create waves in the industry with a unique blend of amazing music. It was nothing less than an amazing time working and compiling the songs, merging them with the rest of the collection. I would say that the Blues selling more than Nicki Minaj is something that should be celebrated because it’s the start of a new generation of music,” they added.

The DJ Grid has been bringing stunning music compilations and has gained a great response from the audience as well as a dedicated following from the fans. Over the years, the DJ Grid has worked with numerous artists in the industry and has produced some of the finest collections that are worth praising.

“We make sure to work with artists that are willing to collaborate with complete coordination. We put in complete effort to ensure that success comes through and the artists that we have worked with are getting what they’re working for. This is how the industry works. We wanted to ensure that everyone we’ve been working with gets an equal piece and Sweet Sunshine has just been one of the most collaborating ones that we’ve worked with,” they added.

Overall, the DJ Grid has managed to grasp the industry with amazing talent. The music compilations released over the years, especially Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica, have ended up on the top of the Billboard charts and have assured the dominance of the DJ Grid in the industry.

Working with numerous artists, they have created an association and a pool that is under one roof, which gives them the edge of creating the latest compilations without any hassle. Elevating artists is just one of their amazing goals and Sweet Sunshine Blues’ success is the proof of it.

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