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A teenager’s family is suing for $20 million after he was chased into traffic by security guards and killed for wearing saggy pants. (Huh??)

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An Orange County family claims security guards chased their son to his death. The guards admitted it was because of the teen’s clothes. The family of Raheem Key is suing Valor Security and Simon properties because they claim the security guards chased their son into traffic where he was killed.

The crash happened in June near the Waterford Lakes Town Center in East Orange County. The family is suing for $20 million, and the Florida Highway Patrol released audio recordings from when they interviewed the security guards about that chase.

“I ran over somebody! I ran over somebody! He ran out of nowhere,” said the 911 caller to the operator. The driver of an SUV had no time to stop when 15-year-old Raheem Key ran into Waterford Lakes Parkway. He was running from two security guards on a golf cart, who work for Valor Security and patrol the Waterford Lakes Town Center. “I couldn’t believe that he actually died because of a pair of pants,” said Key’s grandmother Carolyn Franks.

The Florida Highway Patrol interviewed both security guards and their supervisor. The guards said they were after Key because they warned him several times that he was in violation of the mall’s dress code.

“What kind of dress code was is that he violated?” asked an FHP investigator. “Basically, his pants were below or sagging where his underwear were showing and that’s not allowed on property,” answered a security guard. “Do you know what your policy is on chasing?” the investigator asked. “The policy on chasing for Valor is that we’re not supposed to, unless it’s some sort of life-threatening thing,” the guard replied.

“There’s not a security agency in the state of Florida that would authorize chasing a child under these circumstances,” said Key’s family member Tyrone King. The family believes the teenager was scared and running home. He lived in nearby apartments.


This is one of those things that could have easily been avoided…SMH!

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