Beverly Whaling: Things to Know About WV Mayor Who Agreed With “Ape in Heels” Michelle Obama Facebook Comment

Thousands are calling for a West Virginia mayor to be removed after she agreed with a racist's Facebook post regarding First Lady Michelle Obama.

Keith Lamont Scott: Some Things to Know About Disabled Black Man Killed by Police in Charlotte, North Carolina

A black man is dead after yet another officer-involved shooting, this time in Charlotte, North Carolina. The man's name has officially been revealed as Keith Lamont Scott. Here are some things to know about Keith Scott and the police-involved shooting that took his life.

Jesse Osborne: Everything We Know About the Townville Elementary School Shooter

14-year-old Jesse Osborne shot multiple people at Townville Elementary School in Anderson, South Carolina on Wednesday afternoon (Sep. 28) after shooting and killing his own father in their home. Here's...

Emmaleigh Barringer: Some Things to Know About 10-Month-Old Baby Girl Raped & Beat to Death by Mom’s Boyfriend

#JusticeforEmmaleigh has become a trending hashtag on social media after a 10-month-old was raped and brutally beaten by her mother's boyfriend.

What You Need to Know About the Clown Sightings in Greenville, S.C. [UPDATED]

Clown sightings in Greenville, South Carolina have parents in fear for their children's lives. The clowns have reportedly been appearing at apartment complexes, and trying to lure children into the...

Worst Parents Ever Overdose on Heroin in Car With 4-Year-Old in Backseat

A city in Ohio is putting two parents on blast by posting photos of them overdosed on heroin in a car with a 4-year-old in the back seat. East Liverpool hopes to combat drug use and its effects by posting the graphic photos.

Hillary Clinton Lost the Election Because Millions of Democrats Did Not Vote

Hillary Clinton didn't lose the election because Republicans grew their base. She lost because the Democrats chose not to vote this year, compared to the previous two elections, in which Democrats came out in much larger numbers to support Obama.

Jane Wood Allen: Some Things to Know About Teacher’s Aide Fired for Calling First Lady Michelle Obama a “Poor Gorilla”

A Georgia teacher’s assistant was dragged on social media after her incredibly racist Facebook post about First Lady Michelle Obama went viral. She was subsequently fired from her position.

Inauguration Day 2017: When Will President-Elect Donald Trump Be Sworn Into Office?

Before President-elect Donald Trump can begin his task of "Making America Great Again," he and his VP, Mike Pence, have to be officially sworn into office on Inauguration Day, which will be on Friday, January 20th 2017.

“Locked the Black Bitch Out”: Some Things to Know About North Dakota Students’ Racist Snapchat Photo

A racist Snapchat showing 3 white college students who allegedly locked a black woman out of her dorm room and referred to her as a racial slur has gone viral on social media.

Lady Gaga: Stop Calling Me Fat … I’ve Been Battling Anorexia and Bulimia for YEARS!

In response to critics who have been ridiculing her for her recent weight gain, Lady Gaga posted a number of photos of herself on her official Little Monsters social...

WATCH: Daughter’s Facebook Live Video After Her Disabled Father Was Shot & Killed by Charlotte Police

A woman in Charlotte, North Carolina streamed live video footage via "Facebook Live" after her father was shot and killed by police.

Jesse Williams Speaks Some Truth While Accepting Humanitarian Award at 2016 BET Awards

JESSE WILLIAMS FOR PRESIDENT!!! No, seriously. Is it too late for Jesse Williams to run for president? Many were ready to cast a vote for the actor after his impassioned...

“Bath Salts” Caused Miami Man to Strip Naked and Eat Another Man’s Face Off?

Police in Miami believe that the naked homeless man who was shot and killed while he ate the face of another homeless man may have been high on a...

Time Magazine Cover Shows Mom Breastfeeding Her (Almost) 4-Year-Old Son

Time Magazine thought it would be pretty cool to put a picture of a real, 3-year-old boy standing on a chair with his mom's boob in his mouth on...

Friends, Family Remember the 49 Men & Women Killed in Orlando Nightclub Shooting

After learning about the deadly shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, June 12 that left at least 49 dead and 53 injured, our first reaction is "Who do...

New Report Details 4,000 Lynchings in American South, More Than Previously Known

According to a newly released report by the Alabama-based Equal Justice Initiative, between the end of the Civil War and World War II (more specifically the years between 1877...

Black Woman Refuses to Be Next Police Brutality Victim, Hilariously Covers Herself in White Paint

Tashala Dangel Geyer refuses to be the next victim of police brutality. So, the Daytona, Florida native took herself down to Home Depot and bought some white paint.

Some Things You Need to Know About Freddie Gray, The Baltimore Man Who Died in Police Custody

On Sunday, April 12th 2015, a 25-year-old Black man named Freddie Gray was taken into custody by Baltimore police after he attempted to flee "unprovoked" on foot. Police on bicycles...

Martin Luther King Day 2017 Post Office Hours: Is Mail Delivered Today in the U.S.?

Here in the United States, we celebrate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. each year on the third Monday in January. Will mail be delivered? Find out here.

Black Man Shot Dead by Minnesota Cop During Traffic Stop, Girlfriend’s Facebook Live Video Shows Aftermath

A man is dead following an officer-involved shooting Wednesday night (Jul 6) in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, and the moments immediately following the shooting were all captured on video. St. Anthony's...

Uncle Joe Biden Steals Bernie Sanders’ Thunder, Announces Clinton Endorsement for Him

Joe Biden. Perhaps one of the most unintentionally hilarious vice presidents of all time, just ruined a major announcement from Bernie Sanders. In an interview with NPR’s Weekend Edition...

Brenda Lee Marquez McCool, Mother-of-11 & Cancer Survivor, Died Taking Bullets for Son in Orlando Club Shooting

A Brooklyn mother is being remembered for her heroic efforts during the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub this past weekend. Brenda Lee Marquez McCool was among the 49 victims whose lives...

Alton Sterling: Shocking Video Shows Baton Rouge Police Shooting & Killing Man Selling CDs

Graphic video footage showing Baton Rouge police shooting and killing a 37-year-old black man named Alton Sterling is going viral online. The incident reportedly happened early Tuesday morning around 12:30...

Diamond Reynolds Talks to “The View” About Recording Boyfriend Philando Castile’s Death in Emotional Interview

The incredibly composed woman that captured the aftermath of Philando Castile’s shooting by a police officer continues to share her story with the media. Diamond Reynolds recently appeared on...

Roland Martin Schools Wendy Williams About Race in America, Leaves Host Speechless

He came. He Saw. And he schooled Wendy Williams like no one else. Roland Martin appeared on The Wendy Williams Show Thursday (Jul. 14) after he called the host out...

Google Accused of Rigging Search Results to Favor Hillary Clinton

The internet is supposed to be a bastion of hope for the free exchange of information and ideas. People flock to it in the hopes that they will find the...

Shocking Video Shows Three Men Getting Shot in Drive-by Recorded on Facebook Live

This really has got to stop. Less than a week after the murder of Philando Castile was captured on Facebook Live, another shooting posted on the popular social network is...

Kayden Culp: Some Things to Know About Special Needs Boy Set on Fire by Bullies He Thought Were His Friends

A 10-year-old special needs boy from Kerrville, Texas is in critical condition after a group of bullies he thought were his friends lured him to a shack, doused him with gasoline and set him on fire Sunday (Oct. 2).

“Pink Slime” Found in 70 Percent of the Ground Beef Sold in Supermarkets

Remember that "pink slime" stuff the USDA recently purchased to serve in school meals? Turns out, the cheap meat filler can be found in at least 70 percent of...