Ugh. That Justin Bieber kid showed up to Game 7 of the Heats-Pacers playoffs series looking like this…

Is it just me, or does this pretentious little twerp look like he’s “douching up the place” a bit? I mean, really. A leather baseball shirt(?) … in Miami. Dark sunglasses … INDOORS. A bunch of gold chains. And a leather shirt … in Miami (!!!), where it is at least 80 – 90 degrees literally every single day. And whaddup with that ugly, big ass Miami Heat hat? And why is his lips so shiny? Is he wearing lip gloss? I think this kid is really wearing lip gloss.

Look! He even drinks water like a douche:

As expected, Twitter ripped him to shreds, and rightfully so. Look at this guy. Who does he think he is?