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R. Kelly Charged With Sex Crimes in Minnesota for Allegedly Molesting Teen & Paying Her $200

R. Kelly has been hit with two more sex crime charges, this time in Minnesota, where the disgraced singer allegedly paid a young girl to have sexual contact with him in his hotel room.

Houston Rapper Sosamann Arrested & Charged With Felony Human Trafficking

Rising Houston rapper Sosamann was recently arrested on charges of human trafficking after he and a group of other men were accused of luring two young women to California and then forcing them into prostitution.

“Pretty Hoe” Melanie Denae Williams Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Sex Trafficking

The Los Angeles prostitute known as "Pretty Hoe" will spend the next decade-and-a-half of her life in federal prison after she admitted to using social media to force young women (some of them minors) into prostitution, authorities said.

L.A. Hooker Known As “Pretty Hoe” Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking, Faces At Least 15 Years in Prison

Melanie Denae Williams, the infamous California prostitute known as "Pretty Hoe" has admitted to luring teens into sex trafficking and coercing at least one victim into getting her pimp's name tattooed on her face, officials said.

“Pretty Hoe” Melanie Denae Williams: Fast Facts About Prostitute Arrested for Pimping Little Girls & Facing Life in Prison

Melanie Denae Williams, a popular prostitute with a huge social media following known as "Pretty Hoe" was recently arrested for pimping minors and making them endure violent beatings. If convicted of her crimes, she could face life in prison. Here's what you need to know.

Trio Forced 13-Year-Old Girl Into Prostitution & Nude Dancing at Strip Club in Miami

Three Miami people were arrested Monday (Jan 6) on sex trafficking charges after forcing a 13-year-old girl to prostitute and dance at a nude...

South Carolina Teacher Busted in Undercover Prostitution Sting

A high school teacher from Greenville, South Carolina has been placed on administrative leave as of Saturday morning after he was was busted in an...

31-Year-Old Baltimore Cop Arrested for Pimping His 19-Year-Old Wife

Baltimore police arrested a 31-year-old man who tried to pimp his teen wife out to an undercover cop for $100 at a hotel, which...

Mister Cee Says He’s Not Gay, But He Does Have an Addiction to (Male) Prostitutes

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BenCgy6UkjY] While we may live in the age of live tweeting your sexual exploits, fact is no one has to tell you their business...

“Aggressive” Prostitute Tries to Eat Man’s Penis, Then Growls and Snarls At Arresting Officers Like An Animal

This story is almost a month old ... but who cares? THIS SH*T IS NUTS! (No pun intended) A prostitute -- who probably calls herself...

Zumba Instructor Alexis Wright’s Fitness Studio Doubled As Hooker Joint

It's safe to say that Alexis Wright, a Zumba instructor from Maine, was oftentimes busy working up a sweat in her dance studio. Unfortunately,...

74-Year-Old Man Dies After Accidentally Swallowing His Dentures While Having Sex with a 62-Year-Old Prostitute

This so many different types of wrong: A 74-year-old man died after he accidentally swallowed his dentures during sex with a 62-year-old prostitute in Taiwan,...

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