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New England Patriots Draftee Apologizes for Far-Right Militia Tattoo, Says He Will Have It Removed: “That’s Not Who I Am”

Justin Rohrwasser, the New England Patriots draftee who proudly dons a tattoo of the symbol for a far-right militia group, now says he had no prior knowledge of the organization's anti-government stances and that he will be removing the controversial tattoo soon.

Antonio Brown Dropped From the Patriots Amid Multiple Rape Allegations

According to reports, Antonio was released from New England after an NFL investigation revealed concerning text messages between him and a woman

#NotMySuperBowlChamps Trending on Twitter After Patriots Defeat Falcons in Super Bowl LI

Just like the trend #NotMyPresident took over the internet after Trump’s victory in November, #NotMySuperBowlChamps is one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter after the Patriots' Super Bowl win over the Falcons.

Mimi Faust Embarrassingly Tweets Out Super Bowl Congrats to Atlanta Falcons

For the first time ever, the Super Bowl Champions are the Atlanta Falcons! Wait a minute. According to who, exactly? Mimi done messed up again, y'all.

That’s So Meta: Celebrities Referencing Themselves & Other Celebrities

Let's get meta! It's always fun when celebrities are self-referential, isn't it? From Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin wearing t-shirts of themselves wearing t-shirts of...

Patriots Accidentally Thank “@IHATENIGGERSS” on Twitter for Helping Them Reach 1M Followers

Reaching 1 Million followers on Twitter is an accomplishment worth celebrating, so the New England Patriots' social media team decided to start an online...

The New York Giants Beat the New England Patriots to Win Super Bowl XLVI

The New York Giants won the Super Bowl last night, gaining their fourth title after defeating the New England Patriotswith a final score of...

Chad Ochocinco will Get to Keep His #85 Jersey with the Patriots!

Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots has handed over his #85 jersey to fellow NFL star Chad Ochocinco for the charge of ......

Chad Ochocinco Says He’ll Pay ANYTHING to Keep His #85 Jersey on the Patriots

NFL star Chad Ochocinco will pay any price to keep his jersey #85. After being traded to the New England Patriots recently, sources close to...

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