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The Best & Funniest Twitter Reactions to Game of Thrones’ Starbucks Coffee Cup Mistake

In possibly one of the biggest goofs in television history, a Starbucks cup was spotted in a scene on Sunday night's (May 5) episode of HBO's Game of Thrones. Unsurprisingly, the production oversight inspired a number of hilarious Starbucks jokes from viewers on Twitter.

Fox News Apologizes for Using Patti Labelle Photo to Honor Aretha Franklin

Fox News was forced to issue an apology after the network mistakenly showed an image of Patti LaBelle during a segment that was supposed to honor the life of Aretha Franklin, who died Thursday (Aug. 16) at the age of 76.

Mimi Faust Embarrassingly Tweets Out Super Bowl Congrats to Atlanta Falcons

For the first time ever, the Super Bowl Champions are the Atlanta Falcons! Wait a minute. According to who, exactly? Mimi done messed up again, y'all.

Steve Harvey Clowned on Social Media After Announcing the Wrong Miss Universe

Beloved comedian/actor/author/philanthropist Steve Harvey became the laughing stock of the world last night after he mistakenly crowned the wrong woman as Miss Universe. In what...

SC Governor Nikki Haley Tweets That Her State Will “No Longer Educate Children”

"South Carolina made history this year by passing education reform. We will no longer educate children..." read a shocking tweet from the state's governor,...

Minnesota Hospital Apologizes for Losing Stillborn Baby in Laundry

In a truly unsettling story, a hospital in St Paul, Minnesota accidentally tossed a stillborn baby in with its dirty laundry. According to a report...

High Schools Put On Lockdown After “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” Song is Mistaken for Mass Shooting Threat

A district-wide school lockdown went into effect last week in Ambridge, Pennsylvania after someone who misheard the lyrics to "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"...

Chris Brown Is Drake, and Frank Ocean Is A Rapper?

Last week, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean made headlines when they got into a fight outside a West Hollywood recording studio. Chris says Frank...

ULTIMATE FAIL: Fox News and CNN Rush to Be First to Report on ObamaCare Ruling, and Get It WRONG

Doh! (Homer Simpson voice) CNN and Fox News lost major credibility points Thursday (Jun 28) when they wrongly reported on the Supreme Court's ruling of...

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