Fox News was forced to issue an apology after the network mistakenly showed an image of Patti LaBelle during a segment that was supposed to honor the life of Aretha Franklin, who died Thursday (Aug. 16) at the age of 76.

The segment featured a composite image showing Franklin in the foreground and LaBelle in a faded, smaller image in the background.

This is a huge deal not only because it’s pretty racist for white people to confuse one famous black woman with another famous black woman, but also… Aretha wasn’t really that fond of Patti, so say the least.

Social media was quick to point out Fox News’ gaffe, which not only was posted on the internet but also aired on television:

While social media immediately noticed the error, it took Fox News several hours to own up to their mistake.

“We sincerely apologize to Aretha Franklin’s family and friends,” Jessica Santostefano, Fox News’ vice president, media desk, said in a statement. “Our intention was to honor the icon using a secondary image of her performing with Patti LaBelle in the full screen graphic, but the image of Ms. Franklin was obscured in that process, which we deeply regret.”

But wayment. Aretha Franklin was NEVER in that photo, to begin with. So what’s the real issue here?!


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