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“Bring It!” Dance Coach Sentenced to 9 Months in Prison for Raping Teen Boy & Exposing Him to HIV

John Conner III—a dance teacher from Memphis, Tennessee who appeared on a reality TV show—was sentenced to nine months in prison for raping a teenage student and exposing him to HIV.

“Bring It!” Dance Coach Pleads Guilty to Rape & Exposing 16-Year-Old Boy to HIV

A Memphis, Tennessee dance coach pleaded guilty to sex charges after police say he raped one of his male students and exposed him to HIV.

Scientists Discover First New HIV Strain in Almost 20 Years

A team of scientists have discovered a brand new strain of HIV for the first time in 19 years.

John Conner III: Some Things to Know About “Bring It!” Dance Coach Arrested for Exposing Boy to HIV

Dance coach John Conner III was arrested on Friday (Sept. 16) for having sex with a minor and exposing him to HIV.

Does Bishop Eddie Long Have HIV/AIDS? Preacher’s Dramatic Weight Loss Reportedly Due to “Grave Illness”

Bishop Eddie Long has reportedly been hospitalized with a "grave illness" and is said to be fighting for his life.

Charlie Sheen Found Out He Was HIV Positive After Bree Olsen Dumped Him

Charlie Sheen is denying he was aware of his HIV-positive status around the time he was dating porn star Bree Olson. Immediately after Sheen announced that...

Bree Olsen: Charlie Sheen Didn’t Tell Me He Was HIV Positive

Charlie Sheen's ex-girlfriend Bree Olson is more than livid right now about his HIV-positive diagnosis. Olson appeared on "The Howard Stern Show" right after Charlie...

Charlie Sheen Reveals He’s HIV Positive to End Years of Blackmail

In an exclusive interview with the Today show Charlie Sheen revealed to the world that he is indeed HIV positive. Sheen said he was diagnosed with...

Charlie Sheen Reportedly Announcing He’s HIV Positive

Charlie Sheen is reportedly planning to reveal to the world that he is HIV positive. NBC announced Monday (Nov 16) that Charlie will sit down...

HIV Activists Pen Open Letter to Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry rightly caught a lot of flack for treating HIV as a form of punishment in his most recent horrible movie, Tyler Perry's Temptation:...

Honey Boo Boo’s Uncle Poodle Reveals He’s HIV Positive

Sad news Skettie Nation: Honey Boo Boo's beloved gay, redneck uncle is now an HIV-positive man. This unfortunate turn of events has hit Uncle Poodle,...

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