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Wiz Khalifa’s Oreo Commercial With His Son Bash is the Cutest Thing Ever (VIDEO)

Wiz Khalifa teamed up with Oreo for a new commercial starring himself and his adorable son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz aka Bash.

Kendall Jenner Remains Silent on Pepsi Commercial While Survey Shows Ad Received Positive Reactions From Minorities

Kendall Jenner has no clue why all of you are so upset over a commercial. That’s because, apparently, in Kendall’s world, no such ad ever happened.

Michelle Williams Gets the Last Laugh in Foot Locker Commercial

Look, it's no secret that the most successful, visible and popular member from Destiny's Child is Beyoncé. Kelly Rowland comes in a distant second...

Jamie Foxx is Future’s Dad “Past” in Hilarious New Verizon Commercial

Jamie Foxx is a pure fool! The quadruple threat entertainer (Oscar-winning actor, hilarious standup comedian, and successful singer & songwriter) stars in a brand new...

Game of Thrones Actor Sings Along to Jeremih in Apple TV Ad

Apple has unveiled its latest advertisement for Apple TV, and the commercial features an appearance from Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Mad Men actress...

This Creepy Old Spice “Mom Song” Commercial Will Give You Nightmares

Old Spice is known for their weird commercials (see: Mr. Wolfdog, Watermelon, Lizards, Shower, Bowling, the list goes on...) but the popular maker of male...

Frank Ocean Almost Did A Chipotle Commercial, According To Fiona Apple

In a new interview with Pitchfork, Fiona Apple revealed that Frank Ocean was originally tapped to do the Chipotle commercial that she ultimately lent...

Mountain Dew and Tyler the Creator Are Responsible for the “Most Racist Commercial in History”

Mountain Dew's parent company PepsiCo has announced that they are pulling an offensive commercial advertisement that has sparked a ton of outrage online from...

Courtney Love’s New “NJOY” Ad for Electronic Cigarettes Is So Courtney Love

Courtney Love, who loves herself a good cigarette every now and again day, is now the face of "NJOY" -- a brand of electronic...

Behind the Scenes of Beyonce’s Pepsi “Mirrors” Commercial

Beyonce and Pepsi give us an inside look at the singer's new "Mirrors" commercial in newly released behind the scenes footage from the set...

Beyonce Battles Alter Egos, Previews New “Grown Woman” Single in Pepsi ‘Mirrors’ Commercial

Beyonce teased fans Wednesday morning when she debuted a six-second video telling them to tune in Thursday morning for a big announcement. The video...

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