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Lil Scrappy & Bambi Officially Announce Pregnancy on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Season 7

The rumors are true. Lil Scrappy and Bambi are having a baby! News of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars expecting their first child...

Lil Scrappy Continues Desperate “Operation: Find the Bam” With Shirtless Revenge Body Selfie

While is Scrappy is losing weight for his “mind, body, and soul,” he also hopes his newly toned body will pique Bambi’s interest.

Lil Scrappy Launches “Operation Find the Bam” in Desperate Attempt to Win Back Bambi Benson

Lil Scrappy is still “looking for the Bam” and has resorted to asking random strangers if they’ve seen her.

Lil Scrappy Continues to Beg for Bambi’s Forgiveness, Pens Desperate Love Note on Instagram

Scrappy chose a photo from the couple’s happier times as his #TBT. He captioned the photo with a love note to his “best friend” and “ol lady” in a desperate effort to win Bambi back.

Bambi Says Scrappy Has Been Begging Her for a Month to Take Him Back, Posts Receipts to Prove It

The Bambi not only put Scrappy Doo in the dog house, she sent him off to the pound AND he’s been begging to get her back for nearly a month!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Joseline Hernandez Proposes a Little Girl-on-Girl Action to Tommie

You know how the saying about keeping your friends close but your enemies even closer goes? Well, Joseline Hernandez appears to be taking that...

Nobody Likes D. Smith and Betty Idol on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”

After the epic breakup episode last week, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta decided to give us a break and introduce some news faces in...

Lil Scrappy and The Bambi Are Engaged

Momma Dee better start making some more room in the palace because Lil Scrappy and The Bambi are now engaged to be married. Someone, apparently...

The Bambi Sounds Off About Erica vs. Scrappy Drama & Apologizes to Emani on Instagram

While apologizing to Scrappy's daughter Emani, the Bambi accused Erica Dixon of making Scrappy out to be a deadbeat father, which she says is a huge lie.

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